The Naked Pics

We should get this out-of-the-way, I’ve not seen the naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. Also, I don’t plan on ever seeing the naked pictures of Jennifer Lawrence. Why? ‘Cause I already know what a naked woman looks like, I see it every day, ’cause I just happen to share the same genetics as Jennifer Lawrence. No, we’re not related, but we are both women, so that’s something! I may be the billionth person to comment on the crimes against Jennifer Lawrence, which is exactly what they are– crimes. But, I do have a point of view on the matter. I hate that this happened to her, I hate that this kind of thing happens to anybody, I hate that sites like exists, or that imageshuman beings after all that hard work of evolving from being hairy apes, still don’t have the common decency to stay the hell out of other people’s private lives.

I will never, ever, ever, ever blame the women who had their personal files hacked, and put on display for the world to see. In my view, and hopefully every one in The Hunger Games community agrees with me when I say they did nothing wrong except do what everyone else does– believe that they are safe in a world where we’re slowly figuring out that we’re not. No one should have to worry about this kind of thing happening, but the unfortunate reality is that is does happen– it happens all the time. And it’s not going to stop until people, men, women, all of us learn that privacy is not something to be trifled with. That women, famous women or other wise, are not fair game when it comes to violating their privacy. I know about a billion people have seen Jennifer, and others like Krysten Ritter naked, and without their permission– I know that some people got off to those pictures, laughed, joked, passed them around like trading cards, and thought nothing of the very real, very painful fact that they were participating in a sex crime. Yep, sex crime– just like rape, or molestation, of sexual harassment. Having those pictures stolen and posted on the internet is an all out, no holds barred, sex crime. And to top it off, some of those pictures it turns out were taken when one of the victims was underage. And that means that not only is it a sex crime, but it’s a child sex crime. Child pornography is no joke, and I can only hope that who ever stole the pictures in the first place will be found out, prosecuted, and jailed for a long length of time.

Imagine if this were Panem? In place of it being Jennifer Lawrence, it were Katniss, or Johanna, or Annie Cresta. Imagine if someone managed to get naked photos taken of Rue before she died, and they released them to the public? Imagine the shock, and the dismay, imagine the sick titillation people would feel as well? After all, they, I mean we are the Capitol– we have no souls, and the Tributes are only there to entertain us for as long as they’re around. That’s how we treat celebrities though, isn’t it? Well, that seems to be the point of view of a few people out there. Luckily, I think I’ve only personally come across those who think the crimes are reprehensible.

Please, let no one write Hunger Games fan fic about this.

Them There Eyes



  1. I was wondering if anyone here would comment about the pictures. Unfortunately, while most of the media coverage about this issue has been sensitive, I did hear a very disturbing commentary today on a usually fairly staid news radio station, in which the (male) commentator made light of what happened and basically blamed the victims, giving his listeners “advice” on how to prevent this from happening to them, such as “next time you decide to take nude selfies of yourself, consider applying duct tape over the camera lens!” I was disgusted and changed the station before I knew who made these statements, but now I wish I knew who it was so I’d not listen to him ever again. Ugh.

    I’ve also come across comments in dot-com-boxes and such, stating what happened is no big deal because (1) the women involved consented to the initial nude pictures being taken and “should have known this could happen”, or (2) “this is no big deal because these women appear nude in movies anyway”. Many of these commenters also made reference to the salaries of the victims, as if this somehow mitigates the crimes.

    Some people really seem to see movie stars and other celebrities as somehow having completely given up any privacy rights as a fitting sacrifice for their “fame and fortune”. And while viewing nude pictures isn’t quite as bad of sex crime as actual physical sexual abuse, this kind of thinking seems to be along the same lines as those who, say, helped victimize Finnick and other Victors sexually? At least IMHO.

    Anyway, thanks again for taking a stand!

  2. Also just occurred to me, thanks for bringing up Joanna as an in-Panem example, because there are times when Joanna is naked in public, BUT there’s a big difference between her CHOOSING to be naked in public of her own free will, and, say, some Capitol jailer taking pics of her being stripped naked as part of her torture and circulating them around the Capitol for kicks. The difference being CONSENT. Otherwise, any Peeping Tom could claim “she stripped down naked of her own free will, she should have known I could have seen her”.

    Hopefully I’m preaching to the choir here, but it seems so many people out there just don’t get it.

  3. Thank you for bringing this up! Yes, these arr the times when I feel more than ever that our society is disturbingly close to the Capitol. Reading about all the justifications people make – mainly victim blaming – just so they would feel better about enjoying those pictures or just another human being’s misery makes me lose my faith in our world over and over again. They don’t understand, or mostly don’t want to understand how close this crime is to rape. I seriously saw more defensive posts about how the two shouldn’t be ‘equated’ than those who make this parallel. Yes, obviously they’re not equal because there’s no physical violence, but both are violating another person’s basic human dignity and yet in both cases it’s the victim who gets blamed. And do we really think that the Capitol didn’t have its justifications for its citizens to participate in their crimes? I’m sure most of them repeated on a daily basis how generous they were to let the Tributes enjoy their luxury before they were sent in to die for their entertainment.

    So basically, be the Cinna that you want to see in the world! 😉

  4. I mostly agree with you. No one, not a single human being, neither woman or man or however you identify deserves this happening to them.

    However, I think comparing the viewing of these photos to rape is mostly just trivializing rape, and I think that’s not really ok for victims of actual physical, sexual violence. It’s just that bit I disagree with mostly when I read articles about this issue (also the fact that a lot of media has just taken profit out of this, as with everything, and made a lot of money by criticizing what they are also guilty of). Just getting that out of my system, haha.

    @satsuma: you’re right. Even Gawker (well, was it that hard to guess?) did it with Lifehacker… oh well.

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