Sufficiently Teased. Like REALLY REALLY WELL TEASED.

Every week, a new tease to enjoy on our road to November 21. Yesterday we got a cool poster of our long-awaited favorite, OUR LEADER THE MOCKINGJAY.

Turn around...

Turn around…

It was just of her back, which is yet again a huge tease, cause we would love to see our heroine’s actual face sometime in the near future. But there was a lot of great symbolism that you could draw from her body position, and the poster itself.

Along with the poster we were teased that Our Leader the Mockingjay would return on Wednesday, September 10 with something new. Rejoice!

People were overjoyed thinking it meant that the trailer would be revealed on that day. But one day later, now there is doubt and rumor and uncertainty again. It seems pretty clear going through the various social networks.

The fans are so tired, Katniss.

Movie marketing is all about the tease. You can’t reveal too much or people complain. You reveal too little and people complain. There is a very delicate balance. And fans can only take so much teasing before they get really angry or stop believing all together.

Today I was bemoaning the use of the word “soon” to talk about when things were coming because “soon” is so open to personal interpretation. I know we all wish we had more concrete details on what to expect so we could prepare sufficiently. What we do know – something new will be revealed on Wednesday. It’s extremely likely to be Katniss related (YAY KATNISS REMEMBER WE LOVE HER?).

But it’s also likely that what happens on Wednesday will be a tease for something else down the road, so it’s best we brace ourselves for continued emotional turmoil. It seems to be the theme around here.

I think Katniss would be a really good Batman, btw.





    1. They put something up on the social networks saying it WOULD be a final poster, but then they deleted everything. We’re guessing because there was a lot of angry fan backlash.

      Others are spreading the rumor that the trailer is also coming on 9/10 and the poster announcement was a decoy, but we have no clue if there’s any clout behind that.

  1. If Lionsgate don’t want to release a trailer yet, I wish they’d just say so instead of teasing and taunting. They have a right to promote their movie however they wish, but I’m really annoyed at how they’re treating fans, especially international fans who are excluded time and time again. The movie is coming out in November regardless of how it’s promoted so I can wait a little longer to see it, and part of me is glad not to have seen so much of it. The CF promotion revealed far too much IMO. It’s the way that they’re treating fans, and ignoring the fans they know are upset by how they’re being treated that bothers me the most.

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