Behind The Mockingjay (Literally)

*blinks* Did we… did we just get Punk’d?

Starting late yesterday evening, international distributors started hinting that something would be happening today. It was something, all right, but not something that was saw coming by any means!

Namely, it was this:



Sort of. We can’t confirm that it’s Jennifer Lawrence and not a body double, but we’d like to believe it’s our leading lady.

Still, we don’t know how we feel about this.

If this poster was released three months ago, it would have been OUR JAM! Katniss’ Mockingjay suit is GOR-GE-OUS and fierce and breaks our hearts into a thousand little Cinna shaped pieces. Are feather shoulder pads going to be a new fashion statement? We hope so! The poster continues with the wonderful theme of Katniss going against the grain– She looks right when everyone looks left in The Hunger Games posters, then stands when everyone else sits in Catching Fire posters. Facing away from the camera is also a nice metaphor for her reclusive nature and even more extreme struggles with PTSD in Part 1.

But it’s not June. It’s September. At this point in the game, we at least want to see Katniss’ anxiety and haunting memories and reluctant strength on her face. Build-up and anticipation is great in the right doses, but we’re overdosing on that anticipation over here!

There’s a reason Apple products advertise a program called Face Time and not Back-of-the-Skull Time (besides the fact that it would be really uncomfortable to keep twisting your arm behind your head to get a proper shot): All humans speak the language of facial expressions, the eyes are the window to the soul, aaaaaand so on! Katniss’ soul is being denied its window, dammit! FREE KATNISS!

But with the poster reveal also came the notification to expect something on September 10th! THERE’S MOOOOOAR! We’re hoping we can finally get more than yet another tease at that time, but we have no clue. As long as it’s not a “Katniss turns around” poster six days later because we would legitimately just start weeping in frustration at the point.

“I’m So Tired, Katniss”
The Girl With The Pearl



    1. Oh, I would definitely assume so. The Maze Runner is really the only feasible movie for the trailer to play in front of at this point, so it has to be out by the 19th. But I wouldn’t put it past Lionsgate to give us something minor on the 10th and release the trailer on like.. the 17th.

  1. I think the poster is beautiful, and awesome, and shows Kat as the winged symbol of rebellion. It’s about those armored shoulder wings, the full quiver, and the braid. We already know what she looks like, and we’ve seen/heard her brokenness a little bit in the teaser trailer.
    Plus, I got to feel a little smug today because I predicted a long time ago that they’d eventually do another Katniss-from-the-back poster. They’re a little cliche as far as movie posters go, but I love the dramatic tease of it all.

    1. We love the poster too! Again, it just feels like “6 Months To Go!” promotional material instead of something you get this close to release.

      Jen was great in the teaser, but not giving audiences and overall feel for your MC well in advance seems counter-productive, especially in the case of Mockingjay. Remember (narrow-minded) people complaining are Harry Potter getting “emo” and “whiny” in OoTP because they didn’t understand his mental state? The same could happen to Katniss if her emotional turmoil isn’t presented in promotion so non-readers, who make up more of the audience than we’d think, know what to expect.

  2. They’re going to have to turn her around sometime, because they’ll have to have a DVD cover (I’m being a bit snarky… *won’t they?*). If they continue the trend, they’ve always released a poster later on down the line of her face. Anyway…. This is just a stretch, but this could signify her going to face her destiny. Like I said, a stretch.

    1. Don’t underestimate the ability to keep a face obscured even for a DVD cover.
      I wouldn’t put it past them to have a frontal view poster, yet her face is silhouetted with flames in the background or the camera’s zoomed in on a detail such as the pin.

  3. I wish I understood the marketing perspective of why they waited this long for a trailer but I do not. I just want it, it’s getting hard to get excited about this stuff now, we are so close! Hopefully the 10th has something really amazing to offer.

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