The Big Question

Here we are friends, in September, 79 days until Mockingjay Part 1 is in theaters. And it seems we are still haunted by a big question. That thing, top of every fan’s mind right now. You know what it is.

where is the trailer

The question has been so prevalent for so long throughout the fandom that we can recognize it in multiple languages.

The Brazilian distributor gets asked it so often they even do joke tweets about it.

It’s like April/May/June/July all over again when we asked repeatedly that same question.

If you want a little diversion, look at the latest rebel posters and imagine each of the characters are responding to being asked that question repeatedly.Gale is just kind of smug and silently concerned about your sanity. Boggs disdainfully thinks you’re an idiot for asking. Cressida has no time for you and your petty fan problems. Messalla is startled and a little scared to be asked. Castor looks fierce and defensive about it, and Pollux a little sadly dismayed at the situation.

I know we’re all tired of asking/thinking/reading the question. Tired of that question being the focal point of everything. But there’s a reason WHY it’s the question that won’t go away.

  • Trailers are important.
  • The teaser trailer was very much just a tease.
  • There is still no full length theatrical trailer, or a release date for it.

Yesterday, when this was tweeted, I smiled to myself and thought, they just set everyone up to ask the trailer question perfectly.


Check out the replies and you’ll see that is exactly what happened. Though pretty much every tweet from that account gets random “Trailer?” responses, this one seemed tailor made for it. Was this like a therapy exercise allowing fans to just vent one more time with the trailer question? Or is there some kind of office pool to see how many trailer related replies they can get to a tweet? (If not,  it could be a good way to deal with the stress of always being asked about the trailer.)

When we ask “where is the trailer?” we really mean “when is the trailer?” And the only hopeful thing we can tell ourselves is “soon” because time marches on we know it’s an inevitability considering the November 21, 2014 release. But even if “soon” is still a few weeks away, it would be nice to know the date for the trailer release now. Fans could do countdowns and build buzz and excitement for it that way. And it would allow that particular question to finally STOP.

I bet we’ll have an answer to “Where is the Katniss poster?” first though.




  1. The only one that is really loosing something with all this lack of marketing is Lionsgate. Of course, the fandom would paraphrase Peeta and say something like “I’m so tired, Lionsgate.” but we would survive without a trailer. I even thought we were freaking out too soon, but now, September, I’ll have to agree with all this “wheRES THE TRAILERRRR” madness. It’s also funny checking out The Brazilian distributor’s twitter.

    I would argue this no-trailer-times is only getting worse, at least for me, because I have no idea about how MJ part 1 is going to develop itself. I was okay with the promotion until the “soldiers” posters. How are the filmmakers going to portray properly these characters? I have absolutely NO IDEA about it. And I’m worried about it. But just like last year, when everyone was going crazy over Peeta’s character and I gave the filmmakers the benefit of the doubt, I’m doing the same now. Everything went well with CF. I’m not so sure about Nov/2014. Let’s see it.

    1. I’m also hoping that no Katniss until now is some kind of way to make us feel like Panem’s citizens. Lionsgate is always The Capitol, and now, D13. While we are asking ourselves where is Katniss, is the Mockingjay still alive, they should be planning some huge propo, worldwide kind of thing. I would forgive them. But only in this case.

  2. How much does it cost to make a trailer? Sincere question.
    Because I’m trying to wrap my mind around the marketing decision to hold back on everybody. I seriously doubt it’s because they are nervous about spoilers or anything.

    So the only rationale I can think of is of one that’s profit-driven. IE: put very little expense into marketing and trust that the publicity/hype gained from Catching Fire will result in a high box office turnout; the result being a bigger better profit margin. Throw in some suspense as well by withholding footage of the protagonist, as well as reliance on the loyal fanbase.
    Generally, there’s sound logic behind that.
    However there’s only one little problem…

    1. Well there has to be a full length trailer at some point, so it’s not that they can avoid that expense.

      My guess is that this wait has been an attempt at building suspense. I say “attempt” because it seems to have caused the opposite reaction among fans.

  3. Frankly, I don’t care. I’m in that part of the fandom that’s just tired of READING the question (I don’t even bother with THG’s twitter replies anymore). I thought that after the teaser it would die down. It did, for like a second, but then it just got worse.
    I’m a dedicated Tribute, Lionsgate practically already has my money come November. In the meantime, I’ve got other things to do. Full trailer, I’ll see ya when I see ya.

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