When Camera Crews Go Renegade

So we’ve definitely settled on the fact that the new posters are cool. Not perfect, but pretty damn cool. Still, there’s one isty-bitsy teeny-weeny fairly obvious detail that is driving us crazy…

Since when does a two-man camera crew, their director, and her assistant = BADASS WARRIOR MOTHERFUCKERS?





Mind you, we like the idea of badass warrior motherfuckers in general. BWMFs, if you will. But in comparison, we must admit this feels kinda forced.

While some tactical gear and even the small side guns on Castor and Pollux seem reasonable, check out the massive weapons Cressida and Messalla are sporting. That is meant for once thing: Taking out large numbers of enemies in a relatively short time period. Those are for straight up soldiers, not the people hired to film soldiers.

Meanwhile, Pollux is described as “the silent soldier” and Messalla, who seems skittish at best all the way up to his brutal end in the books, is called “the fearless renegade”. Seriously, somebody had way too much fun misappropriating these character descriptions while scripting this film!

In my initial commentary on these posters, I mentioned that Cressida and Messalla didn’t look much like Capitol defectors who, despite not agreeing with political choices, were still culturally Capitol at their core. The more we think about it… What if the filmmakers found it easier to not have them be Capitol defectors at all? The District 13 area doesn’t have many recognizable faces other than Boggs in the books, especially in what will be considered Part 1 territory. Audiences will connect with the District 8 scenes more if they see who Katniss is fighting with and what they stand for, so why not take already recognizable names and match them up with the mostly unrecognizable soldiers?

Yet we hesitate to wholeheartedly accept that theory. There is value to Cressida and Messalla being wet-behind-the-ears rebellion propo makers who don’t fully understand the dangers and implications of their work until they experience it firsthand. Their Capitol origins show that not everyone in the city is a drone supporting Snow and display tensions within the fragile alliances. Yes, it would be nice to have another kickass chick in the mix and Effie will be more firmly taking on the role of “Capitol lady who doesn’t truly get it”, but are there not shades of gray that can distinguish characters adjusting to the same situation differently as Cressida gets more and more proactive?

Maybe we’re just opposed to change.. but usually we’re not opposed to change when it seems reasonable and justifiable. We just don’t get why this group now has to be fierce soldiers. We’re hoping this pans out into something spectacular that we aren’t seeing yet, but right now, we must admit that we’re a liiiiiiittle weary!

If Camera Crews Are Now Super Soliders, Are The Original District 13 Soldiers Like.. X-Men?
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Hmm…while the posters do give a more “badass” feel than the book characters do…I wonder if they are just mixing part of their attire for Part 2 with that of Part 1. Or if it’s just for promotion. For instance, with Catching Fire, all of the people who had equal number of character posters still didn’t have a bigger/smaller role outside of what was written in the book. Maybe the cool nick names and guns are just to get people in the seat, while the story itself won’t change too much at all.

    Even if it does change, I think I’m okay with them being a bit more soldier-like and prepared…especially since they DO follow Katniss everywhere, even right in the “front line” of the battle.

  2. That’s a good point about the role of wet-behind-the-ears Capitol transplants. Maybe they are going to be using Effie to convey that POV.

  3. Considering the tattoos on Cressida and piecings on Messalla, as muted as they may be, they are likely Capitol defectors considering the austere nature of Thirteen (unless we see some examples otherwise in the movie).
    Thing is, I wouldn’t necessarily equate them understanding the implications of their work with having to be armed enough to constitute as a fireteam. Look at some of our well-known front-line journalists like the late Tim Heatherington; it would be pretty disingenuous to not call them badass, yet they are capable of being so without having to pick up a weapon.
    Like you say, this is overkill and seems to put forward the idea that the only way to be worthy is to be a killer. Of course, this could only be for the promos… but if anything, that’s worse in that it shows LG’s complete disconnect from the themes of warfare.

    It may seem silly, but the thing that troubles me the most is the possible exclusion of the bug armor, unless it’s being saved for the movie footage. Because if it’s cut, it would just hammer home the point that the probable reason for the costume change in the Peacekeepers is to successfully dehumanize them; contrast with our heroes who don’t even wear helmets. Thus we can’t have our camera crew looking anything like the faceless goons we get to watch being gunned down en masse.

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