District 13 Rebel Reaction

IT’S MOCKINGJAY PART 1 Posterama! We got six brand spankin’ new posters of what will be Star Squad 451 minus Finnick, Peeta, and Katniss; our first official look at the crew in their gear.

And OF COURSE we’ve got lots of feelings we need to share about all this! BEHOLD!


Oh, Hemsy! Your eyebrow game is just through the roof in this poster. We just want to brush them methodically for you (as we assume someone else did shortly before this picture was taken.) But we don’t love this image nearly as much as we should.

Book!Gale most certainly had some rage at this point in the story line. Yes, he’s finally made it to the rebels, but Katniss still describes him as intensity and fire when all is said and done. WHERE IS THAT? We all know Liam has epic emo face, but what about the other faces?! This is stern, at best. We want RAAAAAGE! He pulled that off much better in the Catching Fire character poster.


Dammit, Natalie Dormer! Even in 1,000 layers including various padding, you still look glam! The last time we tried to look fancy, we still looked worth than that. URGH!

We’ve also discovered the new game we’ll be playing through the rest of the Mockingjay Part 1 promotional period: What exactly is the proper brightness of Cressida’s tattoo? It looked much darker and less green in the trailer, but it might have just been the lighting?



If you can’t tell, we really like this poster! The image alone justifies Mahershala Ali’s casting as Boggs. Intimidating but serene, focused and powerful. The kind of guy who seems serious but has a solid sense of humor underneath it all. He definitely comes off as a leader and we are officially excited!


Is it just us or was anyone else thinking Messalla had more of a Capitol flare?

Yes, he’s relocated to District 13, joined the rebellion, and probably toned down has look a bit. But still, we expected more than a bridge piercing and a line tattooed on the bottom lip. That modifications aren’t as “Oh so Capitol!” as we’d expected and despite not believing in the government, Messalla was still culturally Capitol. In the book, he stood out much more drastically. Why change that here?


When… When did one of the camera guys get kinda sexy?

We understand why it was easier to make Castor and Pollux brothers instead of twins… even though it kills the whole Greek mythology reference but WHATEVS. Still, aren’t these guys the “insects”, the background characters that have their special moments but mostly kinda blend in? How are we supposed to focus on military strategy and political strife when there’s lean muscle and faux hawks in our faces?!


Not sure how we feel about ponytail and beard combo, but we’ll let this one slide because its FULTON REED (aka Elden Henson). Pollux is a former Avox and admittedly, the styling choices give the character the look of someone who’s been worn down after seeing too many horrors in the world. Also, you can see their “insect” camera bags really well in this one ad we’re digging it!

Everyone’s Worried About Katniss and I’m like “BUT WHERE IS FINNICK?!”

The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Why is everyone asking where Finnick is? We already got the Finnick poster in the last round. This is not the Star Squad, they don’t appear until part two, but this is the crew that tags along with Katniss to Eight and Twelve and for filming her propos. Finnick isn’t part of that which is why he was in the group of District 13 citizens.

    1. Yes! A lot of fans are saying this is star squad 451, but… NO!

      And yes, Finnick has a poster already, he’s not involved in battles at this point, he is unstable like Katniss.

    2. Star Squad isn’t technically “formed” in Part 1, but they’re working as a strategic military unit while in 13. This is literally “What will be the Star Squad minus Peeta and Finnick” and Peeta is not available, but Finnick is involved in things happening in the rebellion. Even though he doesn’t go to D8, Finnick is still a D13 soldier fairly early in the storyline and I think it would have been much better to have him in military gear than D13 drab. *shrug*

      1. Ok, first, hilarious post and I agree with a lot of what you say.

        But.. did the film crew work as a strategic military unit while in 13? I don’t remember that. I love the posters, but the one thing I don’t like is that they gave them weapons. Maybe to make them seem more badass than they are at this point? They’re A FILM CREW. Where they went in the field with Katniss in Part 1, there was no enemy on the ground even. It would be ridiculous for them to have guns before the invasion of the Capitol. Even then, they mainly came with Katniss to film propos.
        As for Finnick, we probably all agree that he would look much better in a poster like this, but let’s face it, he was pretty sick. I don’t think he substantially healed until Annie came back. He isn’t in the field until Part 2.

  2. First of all – ALL respect to Ignition Print, who made these posters. They are beautiful!! Including the Gale poster. Don’t get me wrong, if the purpose of it is to make me want to ride the liam train, I’m all aboard. But as a hunger games fan I’m disappointed. Ever since I read mockingjay the one thing I’ve dreamed of seeing visually is Gale with his weaponized COMPOUND BOW pointed to the sky, clad in rebel gear, a look of confidence and determination on his face. And the day is here and he’s got a cross bow 😦 and sad face 😦 FAIL! For those of you that don’t follow archery, crossbows are bows for dummies and brutes, and Gale is neither. I could have tolerated him with a rifle, since he picks one up once or twice in the book. If they give Katniss a crossbow, I’ll scream.

  3. I’m sorry, but every time I see pictures of people in D13 uniforms, my attention keeps going to the supposed protective vests. Korean War-era flack jackets offer more protective coverage than that.

  4. I really like all of the photos! I agree, Natalie looks great! Mahershala has the perfect pose as Boggs. I appreciate the rugged “Pollux.” Yeah, Messala is pretty non-Capitol…maybe they are trying to fit in more in D13. I hope the characters get their due in these movies!

  5. The books never mentioned anything about Castor and Pollux being twins. Furthermore, even if they are twins (and they may be, in the books and the movie), they certainly aren’t IDENTICAL twins, or else Katniss would have remarked on that.

    … And BTW, nor were the mythological Castor and Pollux. In fact, they were half-brothers.

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