The Mockingjay: There’s An App For That

So remember when Victor’s Village and a bunch of other sites got a load of mysterious photos with the Mockingjay symbol all over them? We found out what that’s all about! And it’s… an app!

Yes, yes, yes.. it’s a little underwhelming, all things considered. As a fandom, we wan every hint out there to be leading to either a trailer or something that lets us interact with the cast. Mostly a trailer. But NOT EVERYTHING CAN BE A TRAILER. And maybe someday, we’ll kinda sorta learn that.

We briefly perused the “Our Leader The Mockingjay” app and learned a few things!

First, Our Leader The Mockingjay wants bright, even surfaces on which to stick her mark. It can’t just go anywhere. The rebels have STANDARDS, dammit! So in order to get that rebellious Mockingjay out in the open, we stuck it on the first surface that the scanner accepted in a small, poorly lit home.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present… The MockingToilet!


We would have gone around marking the Mockingjay on all our random shizz, but– as those of you who have already used the app may have noticed– we took a screenshot instead of saving this baby.

There’s a reason for that: When you save and share your OLTM image, it also allows people nearby to see your location. You can see theirs as well, but they don’t even have to create an image in order for them to see yours first. That’s right… If you’re taking and sharing photos in a private space, you are giving other people permission to stalk you. Take your pics in a public, common, perhaps even touristy place that will NOT lead them to your home or very close to it. Stranger danger!

Alternatively, you can do what this fan did… besides make us feel second-hand embarrassment and laugh so hard we almost peed ourselves a little.


This method is always an option, but probably not very useful to someone who feels like tracking you down anyway.

You got your warnings, so now GO GET THE APP.

Overall, we’re glad that the rebellion side of things is starting to pick up as we get closer and closer to release day (THREE MONTHS, GUYS!) We would have preferred a propo, but maybe that will happen the next time we get teased about something big? Maybe? Maybe? Pleeeeeease?

Too Bad You Missed Out On The MockingSink, The MockingToes, and The MockingDog,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. This was pretty underwhelming really, but I hadn’t expected much and kept my expectations low so if it had just been a lame app, then I would have gone about the rest of my day unperturbed. However, being a citizen of non Panem and therefore geo-blocked from accessing the app, I’m really peed off.

    I actually thought that Lionsgate had realised the misstep they had taken with the Samsung app and were throwing a bone to the international fans. All the photographs, of various sites around the world teased international fans that they would be included this time and whatever was being released would have an international element. So to then find that we’re once again excluded was actually a real slap in the face. I really can’t understand what the thinking in Lionsgate is. Why build it up and hype it to international fans and use international sites and distributors to promote it, when they knew that it would be blocked in those countries?

    I’m not going to download it because of the issues you’ve raised here, but it would have been nice to have been included.

    I love that you guys here in Victor’s Village are not afraid to say that Lionsgate are being lame. It really sticks in my craw when I see other fansites saying how cool this app is when they know it’s problematic, dumb and exclusionary.

    1. I would’ve been fine with the app… If I could’ve downloaded. Like you said, we’re pretty much geoblocked out of this one as well. I got my hopes up when I read the terms because it indicated that the app might be available through foreign distributors as well, but so far there’s no news on that.

      I know that the franchise is undoubtedly US based, and that’s where most of the money comes from, but is it really that impossible to make an app available outside of Northern America? Someone familiar with international internet laws please explain.

  2. If you turn off location services to the app then it won’t be able to track where you are at. You can also create a private mark with the skip button on the location confirmation screen. The mark should then not show up on the list/map. This has been confirmed with Lionsgate and they liken this to any app that asks you to check in with your location. So there are precautions you can take if you want to share directly from the app. I turned off location services and then was able to create and share them without it knowing where I was. Of course this does take away from the real intent of the app which is to be able to see and comment on the other markings that have been created around you. But, many including myself would rather have fun just making images, rather than seeing who around me is doing the same. So I’m keeping the location turned off.

    I also have heard that the reason the app isn’t everywhere is because of the laws regarding apps in certain countries. My guess is that certain features it has must go against those laws which is making it hard for it to be distributed. Lionsgate has said they are working on trying to get this app available in more countries, so hopefully more people will have access to it soon, but I suppose there are some issues that they won’t be able to get around.’

    I am having a bit of fun with it, but it’s not without its problems. It’s a bit of a battery hog and I would guess a possible data hog as well. It does have some nice features, but even the marking is not as easy as you would think it would be. I mean why not take a still shot and then let you add your mark to it and edit it. Instead of this way which takes so much longer. But I’ve learned with apps they seem to take the most straightforward things and make them more complicated than they need to be. Or maybe that’s just me LOL

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