More Clues from the Mockingjay District 13 Posters

We’ve had some time to stare at every inch of the Mockingjay Part 1 character posters by now. When they first came out (or rather leaked, THIS HAS GOT TO STOP HAPPENING) I wasn’t filled with a whole lot of passion for them, but I told myself that this is somewhat appropriate. Effie’s poster was the only one that gave me some sort of visual surprise because she looks so different from her old self.

These posters are meant to set a mood, and for these six, the mood is pretty somber, no-frills, and grey. I saw some comments that it looked like they were in prison, and well, I won’t argue with that. It’s an accurate interpretation of the book, and I want that. I also know that a lot of thought and care must have gone into the creation of these posters. So I’ll try to dig out a few more hints (For Plutarch and Effie, see TTE’s previous post).

the 6

Body positioning  immediately stands out, especially when you see all the posters together. Coin and Beetee facing the left, with Plutarch at a kind of lefty-angle. Effie staring head on like she’s getting a mug shot taken. Haymitch and Finnick to the right almost trying to escape off the print. The positioning made me kind of want them to have a “beginning of story” Katniss that is huddled on the floor in the shadows, turned to the right like Haymitch and Finnick. THAT would have been a really dramatic statement, but I suppose they are waiting to debut Katniss in another set of character posters with the field crew (Katniss, Gale, Boggs, Cressida, etc). That miss kind of hurts me though. I would have loved that (Any artistically-minded people, I implore you to create some fanart in that vein).

Dried Out Haymitch

We know there’s no alcohol in District 13, so Haymitch goes through severe alcohol withdrawl, and the pain of that (and everything else) is very clearly etched on his face as he stares down towards the floor. District 13 must have taken pity on the man and allowed him a hat and cardigan to ward off the chill, and in a way hide himself away through clothing. I love this one. Probably because I love Haymitch. It got my coveted phone lock screen spot.

Coin Stands with the Mockingjay

Suuure she does. But it does make a statement that she is the only one with the big Mockingjay symbol in the background. We all know that her support is only when it serves her own purpose. She’s a smart woman who understands the power of the symbol and wants to take it as her own. You better believe she’s going to be photographed with that in the background.

Beetee Pays You No Mind

The most striking thing to me about Beetee is not that he’s in the wheelchair. We expected that. But the fact that his body position is dead straight to the left, and he’s looking straight ahead to the left. He is in no way acknowledging us, but probably lost in his thoughts, focused on his task at hand.

Dazed Finnick

We know that Finnick will not be mentally well in this movie (or at least until reunited with Annie). Sam’s sad and dazed expression says it all. He is, dressed however, in the District 13 uniform, so no joking about him in his underwear right now. Just sad Finnick, trying to hold on another day.

What’s Next?

Yes, I was one of the people disappointed about the lack of a Katniss poster. If you’ve read any of my posts for the past few months, I WANT TO SEE KATNISS is kind of my mantra, so no surprise there. And I guess they are waiting to debut her in a more of a field / action type-setting.  Katniss standing in her Mockingjay suit with these grey walls behind her would have looked out of place, I agree (but wouldn’t you have liked to see damaged Katniss in the corner? I can’t stop thinking about it). I just hope this next set has a little more spark to balance things out. District 13 can be a really depressing place.

You know what they say about hope…




  1. Great analysis! The comment about Effie is staring straight ahead like a mug shot is very telling, and based on comments such as Elizabeth Banks stating she is not there for altruistic reasons, I am speculating that she will be shown as being taken to D13 by force much as the prep team. So she might actually BE an official prisoner. The only other point I noticed, now that we have all 6 pics together, is that Finnick is the only character who has his shirt tucked in. I have no idea if that signifies anything in particular, though.

    1. I’m actually wondering if she’ll possibly replace the prep team as the prisoner whom Katniss finds in a not-so-pleasant situation. Personally, that is one of the scenes that needs to happen as it shows that Thirteen isn’t quite the paragon of a leader as initially though.
      Yet at the same time it’s understandable to not have the prep team (I don’t know if they have been cast here or not) as viewers haven’t been exposed to them. So Effie would be the alternative.

  2. Good points. Other things to consider:

    – Coin and Finnick have the exact same body position in mirror image, with both looking very resolute. If we take the positioning to mean the degree with which they support Coin, Finnick is completely opposed.
    – Haymitch faces right, but is turned slightly toward the middle. Maybe this reflects his collaboration with D13 in getting Katniss out of the Arena and a degree of willingness to work with D13 to get things done, despite his opposition to Coin.
    – Effie staring dead ahead suggest neutrality too. And from what I’ve read she is going to represent a bridging element between the extremes of the pro-Capitol and pro-D13.
    – Beetee looking straight ahead, like you mentioned, suggests he’s totally focused on the task in front of him, but he’s also the only one in complete profile. Even Coin turns her head a little, as if to consider whether she’s doing the right thing. I don’t think this makes Beetee more extremist than Coin, but that he’s too task-focused and isn’t properly thinking the moral implications through (like making the parachute bombs).
    – Plutarch’s clothes seem a little reminiscent of Chairman Mao, don’t you think? (example:×480.jpeg )

  3. The first thing I thought of when I saw the Coin poster was that the mockingjay symbol is the one from The Hunger Games book cover/THG movie poster, the one who is pinned down, rather than the Catching Fire one, who seems to be freeing itself, or the one on the cover of Mockingjay, who is free and spreading its wings to fly. Coin wants the Mockingjay to be firmly under her control.

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