Selling the Mockingjay Trailer Release

News came out today that Mockingjay Part 1 would indeed have a presence at San Diego Comic Con. Yay! That’s awesome and great. And expected, since Lionsgate has been saying all along they would be at Comic Con since January. But now we know some of the stars will be there, which is great news for fans who long ago bought tickets thinking that Mockingjay would have a presence at the Con.

But then came the news of the Samsung partnership with Mockingjay Part 1, and how this would affect the LONG AWAITED Mockingjay trailer release.

In a first-of-its-kind experience, fans will have the opportunity to preview the highly-anticipated The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 trailer on the Galaxy Tab S at an exclusive premiere in San Diego during Comic-Con on Friday, July 25. For those outside San Diego, beginning Saturday, July 26, fans can visit participating Samsung Experience Shops within Best Buy locations nationwide throughout the weekend to preview the trailer.


So basically, the trailer will debut at SDCC ONLY on July 25. Then over the weekend you can watch the trailer IF YOU GO TO A BEST BUY STORE. If you’re an international fan, you’re out of luck until next week, when the trailer presumably goes online.


But don’t fear, fans without SDCC tickets or a Best Buy nearby, I’m sure there will be plenty of low quality versions of the trailer recorded on people’s MOBILE DEVICES that will be uploaded on the internet. It’ll be everywhere. Even if you want to avoid it, there inevitably will be screenshots all over social media that weekend.

To say I’m disappointed in this rollout plan would be a gross understatement. The thing I love about trailer releases is to share the experience online with fans around the world. Last year’s online release of the Catching Fire along with SDCC was such a fun event for fans everywhere. This staggered release RUINS the opportunity to make the release a big worldwide experience. To think that fans are going to ignore the LQ versions that will pop up to wait for Lionsgate to post on YouTube is preposterous. We had evidence of that a few weeks ago when the first teaser leaked. It will not work.

The people that really want to see your movie trailer ASAP are your hardcore fans. So a trailer release should be focused around THE FANS and how you can make that experience special. Instead, the rights to the trailer release were sold to Samsung. We certainly don’t question Lionsgate’s right to money off this movie. That’s why they’re in business and we’re very glad they’ve made these movies! But they really should keep in mind who their customers are. The customers who will see the movie several times, buy the merch, and give the movie buzz care THE MOST about trailer releases! Please stop destroying the experiences that they value and have waited for desperately for a few extra bucks.

And so what should be happy news (A TRAILER IS COMING. FINALLY. YES.) is tinged with sadness.




  1. I’m so disappointed with the way they’re doing it. Last year it was all about the shared experience, from unlocking the stills to watching the trailer together. It felt like Lionsgate were really keen to get the fans involved. This year so far, it feels like they really don’t care about the fans at all.

  2. Another keyword in this conundrum– The trailer will be available at SELECT Best Buy locations. Which means even if there’s a Best Buy in your area, it won’t necessarily have the Samsung station with the trailer.

    I understand that Lionsgate needs to do their cross-sales and promotion, but this is definitely a bummer for us folks who can’t make it to Comic-Con 😦

  3. I totally agree! Thank you for really speaking my mind. I live in the UK and this is so disappointing, we have waited SO long for this trailer and we should all experience it together! Lionsgate were doing well with the promotion of the trailers, I was quite happy that they were releasing then in stages but too everyone! I was so disappointed. Selling the trailer to Samsung has just ruined the experience. 😦

  4. Huh, I didn’t even think about the repercussions of this, in terms of leaks and things. I forgot that it’ll be available on some people’s own devices and not just in the stores. If I don’t make it to Best Buy that weekend, I’m definitely doing a social media blackout until it’s officially released. I’m only really on twitter and tumblr, I can skip a couple days.

    1. I don’t think it will be available on personal devices that weekend. I bet the event at SDCC will be pretty secure, but I question Best Buy’s capabilities in that regard. That’s when the major risk of leaks will happen. But yeah, if you don’t want to be spoiled, you’ll have to stay off social media that weekend. I want to follow other things happening at SDCC that weekend, so it’s not really a good option for me.

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