Mockingjay Teaser 2’s Big Surprises and Unanswered Questions

In President Snow’s Second Address to Panem, he surprised us with his additions to the cast.  He included a slew of peacekeepers to make a statement of authority – and also a really big threat.  His choice to bring out the muscle, wasn’t a huge surprise though. No, the BIG, HUGE, WHAT AND HOW IS THIS HAPPENING surprise was the inclusion of Johanna Mason dressed all in white and with a very obvious blonde wig.

teaser 2Johanna’s inclusion brings up so many questions.  Why is she cooperating? (well, kind of cooperating – when she puts her hand on her hip and looks towards the camera, you know Jo is just fuming inside.) So did Johanna agree to cooperate to save herself, or Peeta, or Annie (or all of the above?) I think so.  Johanna may have said in Catching Fire that Snow couldn’t hurt her because there was no one left that she loved, but she has a heart beneath her super-tough exterior. I think she could be persuaded into cooperating to keep her fellow captives alive.

Another question is how much of this will we actually see in Mockingjay Part 1? Will Peeta and Johanna’s taping of this propo be explained, or will their motivations be hidden?  Has the hijacking of Peeta begun at this point? (I think yes). One of the big mysteries of Mockingjay Part 1 is how much screen time the Capitol will get. In the filmmakers roundtable part of The Hunger Games Exclusive, we got a good sense that the movie expands beyond Katniss’s limited world to go into the Capitol. But how deep will it go?

And then in the teaser, the hacking of the feed by Beetee with the amazing “The Mockingjay Lives” line. I hope there is going to be some merch with that line on it, because I’m buying it. I don’t think many of us were surprised that the President’s announcement was hacked, but my prediction was that Katniss was just going to bust out and be all Mockingjay. But you know, as impatient as I am to see Katniss (and I am VERY impatient at this point, I can’t help it), I LOVED the use of Beetee in this initial hacking phase. It was such a great tease to bigger and better things.  Thus why they call them teaser trailers. So another job well done.

I’d say we are all set for an awesome theatrical trailer in two weeks (presumably)




  1. I left a similar comment in the other topic on the 2nd teaser trailer, but I immediately thought that Jo’s wig is a nod to how, in canon, Jo’s head was shaved as part of her torture with electric shocks. I’m pretty sure Snow secured Jo’s cooperation not just with the usual threats against loved ones, but by physically threatening her as well.

    I think the bracelet on her left arm, her dress collar, or perhaps even the wig itself could plausibly be torture devices that Jo knows will shock her if she deviates from the script. Or it could be as simple as a PK lurking off-camera with a Taser (or the Panem equivalent) pointed at her. Or, to make it even more elegant (as much as torture could be elegant), there could be a small speaker concealed somewhere on her clothing playing the sound of running water…

    I also think that the way Peeta is acting in this propo IS certainly meant to suggest he’s not totally brainwashed/hijacked YET (we know from canon this didn’t happen until after the last Peeta propo Katniss sees, which is far into the rebellion).

    Seeing Beetee in rebel mode also makes me wonder, was his casting made with MJ as well as CF in mind? My mental image of book!Beetee is, I admit, much more, well, wimpy than Wright’s version; but I DO like this glimpse of MJ!Beetee and it will be quite interesting to see his darker side as well.

    For some reason, fans tend to focus on Gale being ruthless and forget it was Beetee who actually converted those ideas to actual technology…considering the gravitas Wright has shown both in his prior work and in this clip, I wonder if Beetee’s role will be beefed up in the movie, after all he even got a last name. Perhaps he will take over parts of Plutarch’s role that couldn’t be filmed before PSH’s untimely passing.

    1. Good point about how many fans gloss over Beetee’s role.
      I’ve actually always considered the old victor to be more than a bit amoral to the point of verging into legitimate sociopathy.
      His actions aren’t done out of anger or malice, but rather a desire to get results and see what innovative boundaries can be pushed. Even when he votes against the Games, he does so out of pure logic rather than that of morality.
      Granted, it probably doesn’t make things any better. One could argue that makes him an even more reprehensible character than Gale.

      In any case, unless Snow has some affirmative action policy, at least half of those Peacekeepers are going to have horrible aim.

  2. Also re speculation, I do wonder, since the film-makers are tweaking canon by showing Joanna in a propo, will we eventually see Annie as well, or perhaps Enobaria? (I assume we’ll eventually see her again in the movie as well.)

    I also really hope that we’ll soon see President Coin herself!

  3. One of the things that makes me excited because of these teasers is the thought of seeing more behind the scenes stuff with Peeta/Johanna/Annie/Enobaria in the Capitol and to see the experiences they’ve gone through and what they’ve been ordered to do. I really hope they do show it to us – but then I feel like they might not as it could take away from the surprise that Peeta has been hjacked so we might only see what Katniss sees :/

  4. “Why is she cooperating?”
    Um, easy. They’re MAKING HER. Lest she wants to get herself and/or the others killed or tortured more. I’m sure the Peacekeepers flanking them are a pretty good incentive too.

  5. I have a dumb theory if anybody’s interested. Some people think we’re going to get three addresses from Snow – Unity, Sacrifice and Prosperity. Say this is the case; I think Peeta will feature in each one, but the other captured victors will be used alongside him. So Johanna is Unity (because she was vocally opposed to the Capitol during the QQ, and now she’s ‘co-operating’, Annie will be Sacrifice (as a message to Finnick? A threat to the rebelling districts) and Enobaria will be prosperity (because she shows the benefits of supporting the Capitol, particularly in the career districts.)

  6. I doubt anyone will see this but since VV didn’t post about the recent Capitol Couture featuring Peeta and Johanna, I’ll comment here. The “issue” showcases Peeta and Johanna, wearing the same clothes they are in this propo, AND also presents them as the QQ Victors! That is a big deviation from book canon but actually makes more sense to me than the book, where Snow apparently just gives the rebels their PR victory in disrupting the QQ and leaving it unfinished and Victor-less. (Perhaps the movie-only Antonius will be shown advising Snow to pick Peeta and Johanna as Victors?)

    Earlier I thought perhaps Annie and Enobaria would show up in other propos, but now I wonder if the Capitol will claim all the other tributes except Peeta and Johanna died. If Snow is actually going to claim in the movie that Katniss died in the QQ, then “the Mockingjay lives” is going to be quite powerful.

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