Unity: President Snow’s Second Address

The second Mockingjay: Part 1 teaser trailer rolled out today, or more like this morning around 9am PST. We were better prepared this time I’d like to think, what with the rumors, and then the um, well this thing.


I like surprises as much as the next person, and face it surprises are few and far between on this wonderful thing called the Interwebz (yes… with a Z). Where it comes to promotional material however, especially promotional material for gigantic film franchises that have grossed a bazillion dollars world-wide– the element of surprise is as rare as a polar bear on a tropical island. In the case of this mega-huge franchise, surprise is really more of a game of cat and mouse between some movie theatre employees with loose morals, and perhaps under paid Lionsgate employees and/or contractors. Loose morals seem to mostly be what the Interwebz is based on though, so it really shouldn’t be so disappointing that snippets, or entire swaths of secreted promotional material keeps leaking out before it’s planned release date. Like I said, it’s a game of cat and mouse, but this time around I think Lionsgate won the round, and I’m not exactly sure who was the cat or the mouse anyway.

Who cares about all that though, jeeze! Let’s talk about the damn teaser trailer!

I hate saying this, who am I kidding– no I don’t! But, Peeta’s pats are very distracting, perhaps I was sleep watching the first teaser, or perhaps I was too busy being simultaneously creeped-out, and amazed at Josh’s turning his face to the camera, and looking down the lens like a soulless Child of the Corn. But, yeah– damn Peeta’s pants are on the screaming side of tight. Not painted on tight, more– “oh hey, I’m noticing things I don’t always want to notice on a person who’s supposed to be playing a character who is significantly younger than my self.” I digress though, ’cause even if my previous words sound a little Judge-y McJudgerson, I’m not complaining about the tightness of Peeta’s pants, I’m just noticing it like the heterosexual female that I am, and forever dubbing Josh the new carrier of the name Captain Tightpants.

Pants aside, the subtlety of these first two teasers is something I’ve been personally yearning for as a Hunger Games fan. The fact that the teasers themselves are based on content from Mockingjay the novel, or information from Mockingjay the novel, tickles my little booknerd heart. Because as much as Lionsgate has tried to play the audience as the Capitol and nothing else seemingly, what with its partnership with cosmetics companies, and fast food restaurants, I think they’ve finally realized that the series’ content its self was material enough for some killer concepts behind promotional material, and also that the audience is not solely the Capitol, we’re also the Districts. That’s why the teasers are augmented and/or altered versions of the propo addresses Snow conducted in the novel.

I brought up subtlety a bit ago, and I’m attesting that to the background players. Hats, shoes, socks off to Josh Hutcherson for either his choice, or Francis Lawrence’s direction to very slightly shake his head at certain points in President Snow’s address. Like when Snow says “never have we been more unified…” Peeta shakes his head. Or when Snow says “Panem is speaking with one voice.” Now, the head shaking can be interpreted several ways, one of which could be that he’s shaking his head to try to clear his foggy hijacked brain thing. Or two, that he’s disagreeing with what Snow is saying. Either way, the choice looks and feels like a good one from this particular fans point of view. There is a third possibility of what those head shakes mean however, they could mean nothing at all. As a fan of the series though, I’m hoping with every fiber of my being that they do mean more than head tremors, and that Josh can’t stand still to save his life!

Oh yeah, and then Beetee broke through the transmission, said his line, and the crowd went wild!

Is it November yet?

Them There Eyes



  1. Um, no mention of Johanna’s fierce, pissed off fabulousness? The blonde wig that most fans already have a book-based theory for? Or even that Jo was in this propo at all?? For shame. SMH…

  2. I’m a bit confused to why Johanna is in the teaser. Peeta was hijacked, yes, and that validates his presence, but Johanna was not hijacked. Shouldn’t she be losing her mind with F-bombs about now? Or maybe the Capitol has threatened her with hurting Peeta, or even Annie, and she can’t have that happen. So many thoughts and everyone is focusing on Peeta…

    1. Re why Jo is actually cooperating with this; Twirl4me has hinted at this, but the fact that Jo is wearing a wig makes me think that underneath she is bald because she already has been tortured with the electric shocks. Remember that (though the movie may tweak this) Jo was so broken from the torture that she was found unfit for combat.

      So. I suspect the bracelet on Jo’s left wrist is actually electrified, and she knows that if she deviates from the script she will be shocked. (Or a Peacekeeper is simply lurking behind the cameras, pointing the Panem equivalent of a taser at her to secure her compliance.)

      I think Jo being in a Capitol propo certainly falls under the “we didn’t see it canon but it plausibly COULD have happened” grey area that, for example, the D13 riot in THG falls into. (In the case of D13, I think it actually provides a good backstory to why the security there is so over-the-top in CF compared to the other Districts, and why the PKs were so quick to execute the old man.)

      I also totally agree with TTE that Peeta’s head-shaking is meant to suggest he isn’t totally under Snow’s control and he’s either trying to shake free of it or trying to send little messages to the rebels that all is not right.

      While Beetee hacking the propo didn’t surprise me at all, as I figured the promos were gearing up to this, I DO hope we eventually see more characters shown to us this way; certainly we know Finnick took part in the rebel propos, and I hope we see President Coin herself soon. Unfortunately, unless this campaign was filmed before PSH’s death, we may not see much o Plutarch.

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