Ready for Round 2

Almost as soon as everyone laid eyes on that Mockingjay Part 1 teaser, we were wondering WHERE ARE THE REBELS? What is Beetee doing and why isn’t he hacking this feed? It’s not a big leap to guess that the next Mockingjay teaser will be a piece of rebel propaganda in some form. Whether it starts out pro-Capitol and then gets hacked or is purely rebel propo throughout is the greater question. Though my preference would be the former, cause I want to see some hacking. It would be cool. And for non-book readers, a big surprise. (Maybe it can distract the dumb “evil Peeta” questions for a while.)

Fan art is amazing. But we'd love to see movie Katniss sometime very soon.

Fan art like this is amazing. But we’d love to see movie Katniss sometime very soon. (x)

I’m excited for this presumed teaser 2, because that means we finally get to see Katniss. Funny that the star of the movie, the actual MOCKINGJAY is sight unseen at this point. I blamed it on X-Men promotion for a while, but at this point it’s just weird. Release a character poster or something at least. She’s the title of the damn movie after all. We’re way past the point where it needs to be kept under wraps.

Speculation of WHEN all these things will occur makes me exhausted, because I have been speculating incorrectly for about the last 5 months about the timing of Mockingjay things. It’s depressing to have hope and then have it be squashed OVER and OVER again so I’m very tired. The Mockingjay First Look, the District Heroes posters, and the teaser have been AWESOME, but the delayed start and the slow pace have put a damper on all of it.  To maintain buzz about the movie, we need actual NEW CONTENT to pull fans out of this state of 99% “meh” and 1% “YEAH.” Cause while the quality of content is extraordinary, the start date was late compared to the fandom’s expectations, and so far, the pace of the promotional releases in May-June has been sluggish.

So, if this rebel propo doesn’t show up next week to accompany Dawn of the Planet of the Apes to then be followed by an FULL LENGTH TRAILER (with an actual montage of film footage!) and a ton of other things at San Diego Comic-Con, I don’t know what to think, other than WHY and WTF?!? And I think the most of the fandom will be right there with me.

Catching Fire‘s promotion started in January 2013 (or Nov 2012 with the logo if you want to be picky), so it was completely understandable to have month long breaks between promotional content releases.  Because the content in Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, and May added up to be pretty substantial by this point last year. You definitely can’t say that with Mockingjay.

Even the Capitol Complaints (er, I’m sorry, Capitol Concerns) inbox came too late. Sure people had some fun with it on Friday, but fans don’t want to scream, beg, or in any other ways vent about the lack of promotion anymore. They’ve been doing that hardcore for 3+ months. We’re so tired, Katniss.

Fire will catch, but you need to keep feeding the flame.




  1. Do people not get that the Mockingjay Part 1 promotion schedule is almost completely different from CF because of the elongated filming and production schedule? They JUST finished filming, they need more time to put together more (good) teasers, trailers, and character posters. I’m pretty sure for Part 2 they’ll start putting things out earlier.
    “Funny that the star of the movie, the actual MOCKINGJAY is sight unseen at this point.”
    Also funny is that this coincidentally fits with what happened in Mockingjay, with most of Panem not knowing what was going on with Katniss, or if she was even still alive…

    1. You’re making an excellent point. And from the story’s side of things, it’s all neat and brilliantly penned out. I mean, the teaser came out not even a week after they had finished filming and my guess was anyway that Francis would need to at least look at the final version should there be any actual footage in it. So it really couldn’t have been more than a glimpse, given the time he had. (Or not cos he just might be on vacation like everyone else?!)

      From the fan’s point of view the lack of everything is frustrating, of course. Because we just want something. ANYTHING. And while the District Heroes posters were nice, it wasn’t anything solid. None of our beloved characters to be seen.

      But hey, I am pretty sure the rebels will strike soon. (I have my guesses about it.)
      I am fairly sure that come SDCC, we’ll have a trailer. Whether it’ll be full length or not, that remains unknown until it actually happens. I also think that, if we are super lucky, we’ll get an exclusive look at the MTV VMAs. Between the first teaser, SDCC (possible trailer) and those awards are roughly 4 weeks each. It does of course still leave a huge gap to be filled between then and the actual movie release, but if LG plays it right, it could be a back and forth between the rebels and the Capitol. And maybe we even get to choose sides. (Mind you, there are still unused District 13 PN Twitter and Facebook accounts looming around.)

    2. I wasn’t expecting them to follow the Catching Fire promotional schedule, but that extended schedule gave them the luxury of the slow build with promotional releases once a month. With the shorter campaign, they don’t have time for any slow build, unless they’re planning a less comprehensive overall campaign.

      I’m sure there will be lots of promotional support in the Oct/Nov time frame. But compressing the schedule so much has frustrated fans unnecessarily. There’s plenty of non-trailer marketing that could have been done in April, May, June. Either they’ll have to mush it all together in a few months, or do less this time.

      1. I will say, I think Lionsgate did spoil us and set a high precedent with the Catching Fire promotion and marketing. From the Capitol Portraits to the heavy online presence (Capitol Couture, THG Explorer,) to the Subway tie-in (I won the Official Movie Guide from them on Twitter!), I’d never seen a pre-release campaign so detailed, world-building, and extensive. So yes, the truncated campaign for Mockingjay Part 1, which will be kicking into high gear soon, is a bit of a disappointment by comparison. But I’m sure that having all of Mockingjay in the can next year will allow for an end-of-series campaign to rival Catching Fire’s. 2015 should be very good for us Tributes…

  2. While a rebel response would be nice, I hope we get a traditional trailer soon that actually explains what MJ1’s plot is.

  3. I doubt they’ll do the trailer until comic con, they haven’t even released stills yet! And while I agree the promotion has been painfully glacial, I’m sort of glad they are starting it later. With nearly a whole year of promoting before CF, I nearly felt like I had seen the whole thing and was feeling sort of complacent about the new promotion – and CF is my favorite of the trilogy.

    But I think the MJ promotion has sort of been an extreme move in the opposite direction, they’ve haven’t even left time for a slow build up of hype, we’re just going to be inundated all at once.

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