Teasing the Mockingjay Teaser

The internet rumblings about a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer accompanying Transformers 4 this weekend keep getting louder by the minute.  There’s still no word from Lionsgate about a teaser trailer at all, so we just rely on the words of movie theater workers throughout the world who say they have received the Untitled Trilogy Teaser A.

Listen here Fibre lady, don't you even THINK about leaking something with your crazy Google Glass-type gear.

Listen here Fibre lady, don’t you even THINK about leaking something with your crazy Google Glass-type gear.

With this Teaser A being distributed to so many thousands of theaters around the world, the risk increases that it in gets into that hands of someone who does not respect the time and effort the filmmakers and studio went to making this for us, and leaks it early online.  With Mockingjay Part 1 being so eagerly anticipated, I’m very nervous about this happening. I desperately hope Lionsgate pulls the trigger on the teaser sooner rather than later, so we can see things the way they were intended and share in the experience together and freak the fuck out at what we see. With beautiful audio and video. And whatever accompanying materials they’ve prepared as well.

You know, posters with ACTUAL characters in the book on them. And beautiful MOVIE STILLS. And a meaty article in Entertainment Weekly or whatever publication Lionsgate wants. (We seriously don’t care who you publish with Lionsgate, just do it already).

Maybe I’m just on edge after seeing the US World Cup team blow their lead in the last seconds of the game last night versus Portugal. But damn, I don’t want this to leak in the final seconds after so many months of agonizing wait.  One request though, if you do happens to see something early, be kind, and keep your mouth shut (fingers still) about it. I’m usually pretty ambivalent about spoilers, but when something hasn’t been officially released yet, I get really cranky when people start blabbing about it. Even if all you say is how much YOU LOVED IT AND IT WAS AMAZING. No, don’t do it. Keep it to yourself. Or your private messages.

It seems the time is FINALLY near. Breathe it all in children.



One comment

  1. Well, you guys called it. I absolutely hate that it leaked. We’ve waited for months– people couldn’t keep quiet about it for just a few more days?!

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