The Beginning of the End

While we’re all having a bit of an emotional time with the news yesterday that the franchise we’ve all collectively become obsessed with, having wrapped. I’d like to reiterate the sentiment JJ wrote yesterday, “… while we’re all sad, just think of all the good stuff yet to come!” She’s right, while an exorbitant amount of us were crying into our proverbial hankies yesterday, there’s so very much to look forward to where it comes to the fruition, and/or “true completion” of this film series!

We’re all on our tippy-toes now, ’cause there’s a brand, spankin’ new rumor that a teaser trailer will be debuting in cinemas next week during the midnight premieres of the new Transformers film. Yeah, so if you’re one of the people who likes that particular franchise (Transformers I mean), I’m sure you’ll be the first ones to start tweeting, Instagraming, Youtubing, and Facebooking about how “The teaser trailer is so freakin’ awesome you guyz! Go see Transformers, Mark Wahlberg

Because it's Mark Wahlberg with a chimp on his back, that's why!

Because it’s Mark Wahlberg with a chimp on his back, that’s why!

FTW! : D” Meanwhile back on earth, the people who prefer films like Begin Again will be tweeting about how they snuck into Transformers showrooms to watch the trailer reel, and then promptly left after The Mockingjay: Part 1 teaser ran, and then had an awesome time watching Keira Knightley not die… finally. So, trailer rumor, I’m good with it.

Ah yes, but trailer releases are just the beginning of the fanfare to accompany the gradual release of promotional material for the first and last Mockingjay film. We’ve also got soundtrack artists announcements to wait for, new product ads to fawn, and gag, and gasp over, as well as contests both fan-run, and mainstream media run to enter, and win, as well as lose. And then, and then we’ve got interviews, so many quirky, Gif-able interviews that Jennifer Lawrence and co. will do together, solo, and jointly. Personally, I’m waiting for the soundtrack list, ’cause my gut is telling me that Lorde may be on it, also maybe other solid female artists– ’cause that would make me happy. Cross my heart, and hope to die that Ingrid Michaelson is on there as well!

Fingers, toes, and eyes crossed guyz! Psst, please don’t make me watch Transformers Lionsgate, release it online first!

Them There Eyes



  1. These rumors imply that the teaser will be hitting theaters at the exact same time as it goes online. So that’s my hope. Cause I really don’t care about Transformers, and especially with it being 2hrs 45mins long! I’ll take my 2 min teaser and watch it over and over again thanks!

  2. Looking forward to Transformers – if you ignore the plot, which you’re supposed to in movies like this, the special effects bonanza is usually quite enjoyable. Overall, Mark Wahlberg is a good actor though as your picture reminds me, he didn’t do much for Planet of the Apes.

    Anyway, wrote a fun parody on my blog, feel free to stop by:

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