Reactionary Fangirl Freakout: Mockingjay Propaganda Posters


We’re introducing some new fanon today, so pay care attention:
Somehow, some way Norman Rockwell traveled in time to Panem and was recruited to create district propaganda posters for The Capitol. Today, the photos were posted on TheCapitol.PN, which is aliiiiiiive once again! The more we look at these, the surer we are that the Rockwellian approach was intentional.

Artistic style aside, WE HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS. Let’s all have a rad sharing sesh! Starting with…



Why does this image exist? We are so, so very confused about why this poster was done despite its artistic merits. Beautiful little girl covered in soot with a scary breathing mask is beautiful, but canon suggests she is either a) in District 13 or b) DEAD. And we doubt these posters are being shared between the Districts given their personalized nature, so who is seeing this, exactly? Are they hanging this among the ruins? Are they trying to impress the corpses and ashes?

Then there was this surprise moment…


“Oh, a muscular man with lots of tattoos and an ax. Rawr! He’s also got a wooden leg in his hands and… DUDE, WHERE IS THE REST OF YOUR LEG?!”

We gotta say we LOVE THIS. But best part? It’s not photoshop. What a badass! Who needs both legs when you have a face like that, anyway?

It’s really important from an artistic standpoint too because these are supposed to be “heroes” who are affected most by the hardships of the districts and this certainly looks the case. His district character fashioned himself a prosthetic, but it’s his doing and not the Capitol generosity that it supposedly portrays. Citizens and fans like will see right through the Capitol deception.

Anyone else feel like this is a small attempt to make up for leaving out the “amputee Peeta” storyline in the films?

Of course, he’s not the only one getting attention!


Your pants are made out of tire treads! We don’t have male genitalia, but everything about the bottom half of your outfit makes us thinking “EFFING OW!” How did you even walk in that? Maybe somebody wrapped you up in that shizz while you stood really still and tried not to breathe too hard? Anyway, good luck having children in the future!


There’s even a GOAT MAN, guys! Because how else can you support livestock without simultaneously covering yourself in it and holding a baby animal that you’ll later mix into a stew?!

S’okay though! The bull-style nasal piercing and the leather pipe are kind of all we need in life. We’re here for you, goat man!


It’s hard to look hot when you’re holding dead fish, but this model pulls it off! Finnick may not have gotten his fishnet outfit, but we’re glad someone else from District 4 did!

Also, all the models look kind of wet and shiny and finally, in this case it’s actually appropriate! Maybe she was just in the ocean and not just smothered in body oil! *cough* Maybeprobablynot.


Sorry.. we were too busy examining this woman’s flawless skin to come up with appropriate commentary.  Confused as to why her makeup was a little overdone otherwise. As far as subtle cultural imagery goes though, this photo probably takes the cake.


Techie types always get the short end of the stick! Hideous face mask of plastic-y doom equipped with looks like a small bomb for an earpiece AND an awkward turtleneck?! You’re so cruel, Capitol!

It’s okay, District 3 citizens! When the current regime dissolves, you’ll be your tormentor’s boss one day! …Or something like that.

Now What’s Capitol TV Gonna Give Us?!

The Girl With The Pearl


  1. i think what i like the most about the D12 one (besides the fact that, hellooooo, i see dead people!) is that it really shows how clueless the capitol is, and just how focused they are on doing propaganda for the sake of it rather than actually giving the districts something to truly be proud/inspired about. because 1) it’s a little girl dressed up like she works in the mines, which, i guess snow’s PR team was thinking cuteness > encouraging child labor. and 2) it’s a BLOND, BLUE-EYED little girl at that; the closest SHE’LL ever come to one of the mines is probably standing near a miner’s kid the day of the reaping.

    1. I think that if we see these posters as a Capitol citizen’s understanding of what District people are like, the little blonde, blue-eyed girl dressed in a miner’s outfit makes perfect sense. We know not all the D12 Tributes were from the mines, but yet that was the “traditional” costume for D12 Tributes, so I’m sure Capitol citizens have seen blonde, blue-eyed kids wearing such outfits before. The other outfits also wouldn’t really be practical to actually wear in the Districts, except perhaps D7’s traditional lumber-jack outfit, and D3’s techie clothes. But the other Districts, not so much. (Certainly not the D6 guy’s tire-tread trousers, and the D9 woman’s dress seems to be made out of WOOD!)

      What didn’t impress me as much, is how the names of these models (on the Capitol.Pn site) are fairly ordinary, the only obviously District-themed name is “Triti” from D9, the grain district, likely based on “triticale”, an actual grain. The D3 woman is named “Fibre”, which would be a great D8 name, but not D3. The D12 girl is named “Lily”, which is a flower/botanical name, much like Katniss herself, Primrose, Posy, and Hazelle Hawthorne — though that’s in the Seam, not among the merchants. But the other names seem pretty random; Naida from D4, Malcolm from D6, Elias from D7, Felix from D10. Unless it’s a hint that these models aren’t really from the Districts. But if they were from the Capitol, wouldn’t they have “Roman” names? That seems to have been an oversight on the part of whoever thought this promo up.

    2. We think the designers purposefully left some obvious tells in each of the District posters that shows that Capitol propaganda is actually really deceptive and not representative of the Districts themselves. Because even though the Capitol approach is still being used (hoping that switches over to The Rebellion soon!), they’ve got to hitn that The Capitol is not full of awesome good guys somehow!

  2. I love these pictures! Pure propaganda from the Capitol. This is war, right? Mustn’t have the populace losing faith in the government. I am sure Snow personally approved every single poster. #UnitedWeStand

  3. To answer your question who is seeing this? Capitol citizens! These aren’t shared in the districts. In my mind, these are from the capitol to give the capitol citizens the illusion that the districts are full of loyal, beautiful noble savages. I doubt Snow would want the capitol citizens to know he’d blown up D12, so that is why it is included, and probably why the girl isn’t from the seam.

    Although, from talking to some of the people who make these things, they are really more just a stylized expression of each district, But it really works.

  4. I’m still trying to figure out what the hell Three is wearing. And you’d think with that get-up they at least give them a tablet.
    But yeah, it’s clear that this is just a continuation of the chariot costumes; a fetished caricature of the districts.

    In any case, it’s not the Rebellion posters I’d actually be interested in.
    It’s the D13 ones made to convince the districts to accept Dear Leader Coin’s rule.

  5. I immediately thought that having a little girl represent District 12 had more to do with this than anything else, especially if the Capitol won the war and 12 ever re-built : “NO CITIZEN IS TOO YOUNG to support the constructive efforts of the Mining District, and in turn, the gallant efforts of Panem. Look to Lily Elsington as a shining example…”
    It reminded me that 12 was the only district where you didn’t start the main trade until age 18. This seemed like a not-so-veiled threat to change that…

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