The, It’s Awake

We’re still watching, and waiting, and planning, and hoping– however not for some poor, silly wretch to drop do their knee and propose to us. Nope, still waiting for real Mockingjay: Part 1 news. Thankfully there’s this thing called the internet, and resting quietly, more dormant actually, there’s this thing we all pretty much forgot about called I kind of forgot about it, that is, and I’m pretty damn sure that most of us did, because it’s less of a news breaking apparatus, and more of a thing you look at a couple of times, and then get bored with it, like a child with a toy that was never going to be the favorite as much as who got it for us hoped it would be.

That being said actually did something yesterday, and those of us who were paying attention (not me), had mild conniption fits, and shared their wonder with the rest of us sorry, inattentive sods. copy

That’s just a screengrab, but if you actually mosey on over to, you can see that Captiol Eagle spin, yes– like the Evil Rainbow Pinwheel of Doom, all Mac users are familiar with, and secretly want to rip from their screens and kill it ’til it’s dead, dead, dead. However, in the case of the spinning Capitol Eagle I think we’re pretty happy that it’s spinning, and existing, and um DOING SOMETHING, even if it’s rather innocuous.

Now do more of something and give us our first Mockingjay trailer, looking at a spinning eagle is giving some of us vertigo! Wheee!!

Them There Eyes

One comment

  1. The comparison to the pinwheel (or hourglass) is probably quite apt.
    Multitudes of HG fans watching it for something, anything, to pop up.

    Hey, look it stuttered! That must me– oh wait, false alarm; it’s just my crappy internet connection.

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