Edge of Tomorrow’s Mockingjay

I saw a great movie this weekend with an awesome leading female character. Going off of my demographics and this weekend’s box office, you’d think it was The Fault in our Stars, wouldn’t you? And, yes, that’s a great movie with great characters too, but I was talking about Rita Vrataski in Edge of Tomorrow.  She’s played by Emily Blunt, and all throughtout the movie I kept having serious Mockingjay-Part-2-Katniss feelings about her.

It’s got big bad aliens that must be defeated with big weapons and explosions, so it definitely has the elements of the “typical” summer movie with a time travel twist.  But it changes things up by having Tom Cruise’s character be a weak, cowardly jerk, not a hero (at least at the start). No, the battle-tested hero, the symbol of the resistance, is Rita. Look at this.

E of Tomorrow propaganda

Propaganda posters!

She ends up training cowardly jerk Tom and it’s hilarious and very satisfying for both fans and non-fans of the man. But she’s not just some hardened soldier. Without spoiling anything, the woman has been through some serious shit, and in the rare moments that she opens herself up I found myself having Mockingjay Katniss feelings again.

emily blunt e of t


And also military atmosphere of the movie made me think Mockingjay too. Mockingjay with aliens. Ok, maybe this is a stretch but are we sensing a theme? Basically everything reminds me of Mockingjay now. Everything!

Hey, it was a fun movie and gave me a little Mockingjay fix, and for that I’m grateful.




  1. Agreed! I can understand people who got tired of Tom Cruise’s shtick as the mediocre sci-fi action hero battling aliens, but they should see this for Emily Blunt’s character. She got legitimate laughs out of me with her not-taking-any-BS attitude. And the movie is really well-made overall, even though that ending is eye-roll inducing.

  2. What did you think of fault in our stars? I am a huge fan of that book an I absolutely loved the movie.

    1. Ok, I have to confess I haven’t seen TFIOS yet. Because I read the book and it made me cry and I did not feel like crying this weekend. Although it seems like everyone else did 😉

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