The Exhibition

IMG_0864It’s everything we’ve ever wanted, right?! A traveling exhibition featuring props, costumes, and other Hunger Games paraphernalia for our eager as ever eyes to devour. I for one am kind of intrigued by this concept, it’s not a new one by any stretch of the imagination, only in my own personal experience I’ve only ever plunked down my cold, hard cash to see art exhibitions, and science based ones as well. Film themed ones are a bit new to my blood. That being said, I think putting The Hunger Games franchise on a similar level to say, the ever traveling King Tut Exhibition, is a good way to go from a marketing perspective. Unfortunately the news of the 2015 exhibition came with more hype from the dear, lovely media, of that ill conceived of, but money making cow of the concept of a Hunger Games themed theme park.

Can I get an ugh? I mean seriously, will the theme park idea just die already? I feel like every time something outside of direct promotional material is brought up that damn theme park thing rears its pointy head again. And then I get sad, and then a lot annoyed, and then I write articles like this one, and then to top it all off– I lose a little more of my faith in humanity.

Lionsgate, we like you lots– love the idea of the traveling exhibit, I’ll send you a check for $25 to $28 right now, ’cause I know your exhibit will probably cost that much for admission. But please, for the love of Buttercup give up on the theme park idea, will ya’, huh? I promise you there other, and maybe better ways to make money off of this already proven money making machine you’ve got your hands on.


Them There Eyes



  1. Aw who wouldn’t like a theme park?
    While we’re at it, they can make something like the Wold Expos at the turn of the century where people from other cultures get put on display.
    Fun for the whole family.

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