“Don’t Worry” About the Ending?

As the filming of Mockingjay Part 2 winds down, there’s a lot of fan emotion swirling about online. Of the “IT’S ALMOST OVER AND I CAN’T” variety. And true, once they stop filming there will be no more chances of paparazzi or fan set pics. And whatever they ended up filming will be IT (notwithstanding any reshoots). But I’m not really feeling the sadness right now, probably because there’s another year and a half to go before any of us can see the last movie, and because they’ve just barely started promoting Mockingjay Part 1. No, my feelings are the mainly the continued angst of “I WANT A DAMN TEASER TRAILER.”

But I understand the anxiety that comes with the knowledge that they’ve already filmed most everything, so that’s it, that’s the movie. And what if it doesn’t include the stuff that I want to see and then I am sad forever? Nina Jacobson took pity on a fan (and in a larger sense, all of us) with a tweet this week about the ending and whether we will see the epilogue/Katniss and Peeta’s kids.


So I suppose that we can take that to mean that yes, the epilogue and those kiddos will be a part of the movie. I think it would be a massive mistake to leave it out. Knowing that Katniss is still utterly haunted by her experiences as a teenager yet has been able to forge a life and family with Peeta is critically important. The filmmakers are smart people. I’m sure they understand this. Why are we so worried that they would leave it out?

No, this scene isn't straight from the epilogue but it's so beautiful and I'm crying.

No, this scene isn’t straight from the epilogue but it’s so beautiful and I’m crying.

The amount of anxiety about whether this would be included in the movie is interesting. I think it comes from some of the failings of the first movie of building Katniss and Peeta’s relationship (the badly executed tossing-of-the-bread scene, the truncated cave scenes, cutting away to Gale during the cave kiss, the last few scenes in the arena, Peeta not losing his leg).  Choices had to be made, and they hurt the development of Katniss and Peeta’s relationship and their overall character development.

A lot of ground was made up in Catching Fire. Somehow the filmmakers were able to take a huge amount of plot and new characters and fit everything that we really wanted and needed in 2.5 hours. And even where things were shifted or altered, there seemed to be a desire to retain fan-favorite lines or moments. So you have “Stay With Me.” “Always” occurring on the train because most of the post-Victory Tour District 12 scenes were cut. Fine, at least you found a way to include it that made sense for the characters. Wrongs were righted. And it was good.

So with the same filmmakers on board for both Mockingjay movies as Catching Fire, we should have a level of comfort that, yes, they get it and they are on the same page with us.  All will be well. They won’t pull some major change at the end and leave us all wondering why we went on this ride with them for years just to be burned at the end.

So thank you Nina, for telling us not to worry. We trust you to make it absolutely perfect.

But until we see it, we’re all still going to worry.




  1. Yeah, I never got why people would be worried about the ending either. Not only is it very important to Katniss’s life and the overall story, it’s easy to keep short n sweet, like it is in the book.

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