A New Address for Effie Trinket

The Mockingjay First Look is full of lots of goodies, but the news that made me burst with happiness was that Effie Trinket would be in District 13!  According to the Filmmaker Roundtable, Effie has an interesting journey ahead of her.

We’ve known that Effie Trinket would make an appearance in at least one of the films, as Elizabeth Banks mentioned in an interview about a month ago that she had recently wrapped Mockingjay. But this is confirmation of how she will be folded into the movie. In the book, Effie makes a reappearance at the end as Plutarch’s assistant when Katniss is prepped to execute Snow, but that’s all Katniss sees of her.  For the movie, I had wondered if she might have some role in the “Peeta in the Capitol” storyline, but Effie in District 13 will allow for some interesting developments in her character.

Per Nina Jacobson,

What makes Effie interesting is that she does not want to be there. Unlike Plutarch, she does not want to be part of the revolution. She has to be convinced to help, and she helps for personal reasons, not political reasons.


This seems very fitting of Effie. She’s Capitol born and bred. It’s only when she develops a bond with Katniss and Peeta that she turns on the events of the Quarter Quell. For Book Effie and especially Movie Effie, it’s her affection for Katniss and Peeta that drives her to think the Quarter Quell is unfair. If it were  another crop of kids, her feelings on the games would have been status quo.

Effie CFSo it seems right that Effie would be miserable in District 13 and not be behind the revolution. The lifestyle and culture will be completely abhorrent to her, which will inevitably cause the same type of clashes Katniss’s stylists face in 13. But perhaps when she sees what Snow does to Peeta, or the toll that all of this takes on Katniss, that she finally rallies behind the revolution for their sakes.  And imagine a wig-less Effie Trinket dressed in District 13 greys. Quite the transformation ahead for Ms. Trinket.

Suzanne Collins picked up on it. We all picked up on it. Elizabeth Banks did such an amazing job bringing Effie to life in Catching Fire, that if she didn’t continue on in Mockingjay we would have felt her absence dearly.

Can’t wait to see culture shocked Effie!



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