Top 5 Things We Learned From The Digital Look at Mockingjay


He's in a bunker and NOW he needs a hat?!

He’s in a bunker and NOW he needs a hat?!

Lionsgate is done holding out on the fans and they’re making up for the wait in big ways!

Feast your eyes upon, which in its first incarnation includes..

  • Six Mockingjay Set Photos
  • A Video Interview with Julianne Moore
  • A Roundtable with Francis Lawrence, Nina Jacobsen, and Peter Craig
  • A Page from the Script (That You Can Win!)
  • The Hunger Games Franchise Motion Poster

THIS. This is the glorious stuff we were looking for when we found ourselves totally underwhelmed with the sheer consumerism of Capitol Couture! Not that the fashions aren’t cool, but it’s great to see that there’s some more tangible facts about the themes and overall filmmaking processes this time around.

In that spirit, let’s discuss the five most important things we learned today!

Look at that wonderful REAL PERSON who will be featured!

Look at that wonderful REAL PERSON who will be featured!

1) Plutarch Heavensbee will not be a freaky animation!

We were seriously concerned with rumors immediately following Philip Seymour Hoffman’s death that stated he would be added into his final scenes via CGI. It just seemed wrong and… what’s the word? CREEPTASTIC. Thankfully, it’s just a rumor!  Francis and Nina revealed that for PSH’s non-dialogue scenes, previously recorded footage of the other was cut into the scene (thank you, consistently monotonous D13 uniforms!) and his dialogue was written out, with some lines occasionally given to Haymitch or Effie when appropriate. There’s no mention of him missing out on a *major scene* as suggested in early reports.

2) Effie Trinket is in District 13, bitches!

Fulvia who?! Rather than work in Plutarch’s assistant, the script was repurposed to include Effie Trinket in District 13, at the request of Suzanne Collins! But don’t expect Effie is be a punchline– the filmmakers make it clear that while she brings some levity, Effie is NOT adjusting well and is not there for a higher moral purpose. We’re so glad with get more than one or two scenes of Elizabeth Banks in action!

3) The Capitol tunnels are NOT in Paris (at least not totally in Paris!)

In the intro to the roundtable, the indoor Atlanta set is described as being in part “filled with dingy tunnels”. And here we thought filming was going to Paris for the tunnels! It’s set possible that they will utilize the Paris tunnels to a degree, but it looks like a hefty part of that sequence is coming off a soundstage!



4) Danny Strong ain’t the only screenwriter up in here!

It turns out Danny Strong was not as involved in the Mockingjay films as we thought! Scripts go through multiple drafts and it looks like Strong only wrote draft numero uno. Obviously, that’s a damn important draft, but after that, things went into the hands of Peter Craig, novelist and screenwriter most famously known for his work on The Town. Not only did he finalize the script, he’s been a near constant presence on the set and works with Francis to help the script change and evolve as needed. In case you didn’t know, this almost NEVER HAPPENS. It’s like spotting a unicorn!

5) District 13 probably ain’t so techie in the film version!

In her interview, Julianne Moore described District 13 has a bomb shelter in which the citizens barely manage, which sounds like a far cry from the tech-savvy District 13 from the books. Sure, the look is minimalist and food rations are puny, but Book!D13 is still slick with both food and weapons technology. Movie version seems a bit bleaker, but we suppose they can develop double exploding bombs either way, right?

Now When Do We Get MOAR Mockingjay News?!
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. Like you well-said District 13 PROBABLY ain’t so techie in the film version, so i still don’t know how this is gonna affect the story and how I feel about it. Until now I’m okay. Absolutely loved to hear about Effie. I enjoyed so much reading the roundtable. Yep “TELL ME YOUR SEEEECRETS!”

  2. I don’t think that saying that D13 is a poor District in many aspects means that they can’t have the technology in the books. We tend to forget that D13 had very limited resources in the books as well. There was a reason why the food rations were so scarce and their lives were so controlled. That lifestyle was born out of necessity and to survive. So I don’t think that what Julianne said necessary changes the book canon here.

    Although we also must remember that the Capitol’s technology was also dialed back in the movies, so it seems natural that the seem would be true to D13.

    1. Agreed here.
      I’ve always considered Thirteen to be analogous to Mao’s PRC and Stalin’s USSR.
      Note that these nations weren’t necessarily backwards by any means in terms of military and industrial tech, but their people were struggling.
      Now Thirteen’s population is probably not starving by any means, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t eeking by (even with the underground food farms); the high penalty for hoarding is testament to that.

      Also, I’ve never had the impression that book Thirteen was any more tech-saavy than the Capitol. In an underground setting like that district, all tech innovation is going to be spent on public works, defense, and keeping the population in check (probably breeding technologies as well).
      Besides, even with their most advanced stuff, everything’s likely going to be kept on the austere side; think “Battlestar Galactica”.

  3. “the sheer consumerism of Capitol Couture.”
    Um, there was a lot more going on in CC than that. Like the subtle nods to book canon, nods to upcoming events in the movies, world-building, as well as fan/real-world connections.

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