Weapons-Grade Mockingjay

The Parisian Mockingjay Part 2 set picture deluge continues thanks to lots of exterior shooting in heavily populated areas. I love it, since we’ve been so starved of anything Mockingjay. I would rather have some promotion of Mockingjay Part 1 to talk about since that is the actual movie coming out this year. But since that still doesn’t exist, let’s just skip on to 2015 and the conclusion of Mockingjay. When our Star Squad 451 is in an all-out war. And they have the weapons to prove it.

Katniss has added a gun to her customary bow and arrow. The bow is black, like in the book. It doesn’t have much distinctive from these set pics, but I have a hunch that there’s going to be a little more CGI at play with that weapon (to give it that “life” that Katniss talks about). The colored ends of the arrow indicate that they took the detail of the book that some arrows were explosive or incendiary. So more interesting effects to look forward to. (See set pics don’t necessarily spoil you for the movie, they can just give you a taste, but if you want to avoid them I’ll leave the break here).

katniss all weapons

Then we finally get to see Boggs! With the holo! Again, wait for the added special effects. And cuffed Peeta with a big ol’ gun. That weapon seems to be the standard issue of choice, since most of the other members of the squad seem to be carrying that as well. But Finnick still prefers the trident. So he was outfitted with a black, sleek, harpoon-like version.

boggs peeta finnick

And finally, what does our weapons aficionado, Gale Hawthorne carry (besides the smolder)? Well it looks like he finally got to take the military-grade crossbow out of the woods.

gale crossbow grown up

I tried to keep a light tone when going through all these pictures, because yay set pics from a story/movie we love. The weapons aren’t actually real. Half the people we see in the set pics aren’t going to die while roaming these streets. But it’s hard. The gear they’re wearing, while definitely futuristic, is completely recognizable as military or SWAT type gear. Same with the weapons (sans the inevitable special effects). Mockingjay is a book about war. And Mockingjay Part 2 is the thick of the battle.

Hoping that my next post can actually be about Mockingjay Part 1.




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