Those Who Cannes, Do

What’s in store for Mockingjay Part 1 at the Cannes Film Festival?

Last year for Catching Fire, Lionsgate held a super swanky party and screened some footage for international distributors. There were some nice photos of the cast and Francis Lawrence all dressed up. And the photos released from the party were very cool. Cannes is a film industry event, for film industry people, so it didn’t mean much for us fans beyond some pretty pictures. (And they were great pictures!)

Lookin good last year in Cannes

This year looks to be no different. A few weeks ago there was a rumor that a teaser trailer would debut at Cannes, which was quickly denied by Lionsgate. But there will definitely be film business-y stuff going down at Cannes. And we’ve got a big ol’ billboard that went up a few days ago to prove it.

Actual evidence of Mockingjay Part 1 at Cannes!

Actual evidence of Mockingjay Part 1 at Cannes! And yes, confirmation en francais that the tagline is “Fire Burns Brighter in the Darkness”


So my hunch is that Lionsgate will likely follow the Catching Fire playbook at Cannes again this year. Screen some footage for the distributors, shake some hands, sign some deals, smile for the cameras and party down.

But as a fan, I’m not going to despair about the no-teaser-at-Cannes-thing. Because 2 weeks from now, X-Men: Days of Future Past comes out in theaters. If one of those conspiracy theories was correct, and Fox had some contractual block against Lionsgate promoting Mockingjay Part 1 (or using Jennifer Lawrence’s image), that will be over after the film comes out. And then finally, it will be PROMOTION TIME.

Or, what I’m guessing is more likely that that  maybe there will be a teaser trailer shown with X-Men? It’s going to be a HUGE movie, its STARS JENNIFER LAWRENCE, and IT’S DAMN TIME FOR A TEASER TRAILER. It is the perfect fit for MJ1. And if a teaser goes with X-Men, it’s not just going to be dropped out of nowhere to surprise opening night audiences. There’s going to be lead up to it. So it’s soon. It has to be so soon. SOON.

If it doesn’t happen then I’m going to be scratching my head so hard I’ll make a bald spot. Lionsgate, I really don’t want a bald spot.

So get ready friends.

What am I talking about? WE ARE ALL SO PAST READY! Bring it.




  1. I think we will probably get the full trailer during Comic Con like last year. Or Lionsgate might pull a Beyonce and just release it without any news beforehand 😉

  2. Ahahaha!!! I always love your posts. You seem to be able to put into words EXACTLY what´s on my mind. ALL THE TIME. And that´s marvelous 😉

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