The Other Effie Trinket

Effie Trinket is in Kentucky this weekend, and the world will be watching. Yes, Effie Trinket will be a part of this weekend’s Kentucky Derby festivities. And no, I’m not referring to the fact that lots of women will be decked out in their most awesomely big and interesting hats. But I’m sure Panem’s Effie Trinket would approve of some of the more refined styles.

kentucky derby


In the world of 2014, Effie Trinket is also a racehorse.  She won’t be racing in the main event, but the Churchill Downs Distaff Turf Mile tomorrow. I’m not knowledgeable in the least about horse racing, so I can’t explain what that means. I’m only aware of this because of a friend who is into racing was joking with me about whether she should bet on Trinket this weekend.  And well, you know about how the ODDS are, but I told her to go for it.

That's her - Effie Trinket! (Photo: Coglianese Photos)

That’s her – Effie Trinket! (Photo: Coglianese Photos)


Effie is a good competitor and has won several races. I’m sure she’d say it was a TEAM effort though.

Effie will be in good company with other horses in her race named “Absolute Crackers” and “I’m Already Sexy.” The Kentucky Derby is also held in Louisville, which we all know is Jennifer Lawrence’s hometown. I hope they give Effie a warm welcome. It’s only good manners, after all.

Derby day just seems like a perfect fit for Effie. My money’s on her.



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