Cross-Promotion Fun

Did you know #Finnick has a new movie out today? It’s called The Quiet Ones, and it has nothing to do with the Hunger Games movies. But #Finnick is in it, and you love him!


But why stop there?  There’s also Divergent. It doesn’t have #Finnick in it unfortunately, but it’s based on a YA dystopian novel with a kickass teenaged heroine, so you’ll like it. I’m sure there have been focus groups to prove this. So after you see #Finnick in The Quiet Ones, be sure to see Divergent (again) too!



You see, it’s not the right time to mention ANYTHING ABOUT MOCKINGJAY in Hunger Games land. Why waste time talking about something months away when you could be spending your money on other things right now! Sure, Mockingjay Part 1 is the main thing you actually care about. But that’s not important because you can’t spend your money on that movie or the merchandise yet.

So here’s some other things we can do while we wait to buy Mockingjay Part 1 tickets:

  1. See Draft Day and watch a modern day #reaping starring Kevin Costner. Only instead of being reaped to an almost certain death, you get almost certain injuries and brain damage for your trouble. #Peeta
  2. If you have a cable subscription with AMC, watch Mad Men. Sally Draper is a surly teenager like #Katniss. You’ll like her. You can also buy 6 seasons of Mad Men on DVD and watch it on Netflix!
  3. While you’re online, check out the Netflix-exclusive Orange is the New Black. It’s about women in prison. Just like #Katniss is a prisoner of President #Snow’s manipulation.
  4. Make sure you have a subscription to Showtime too so you can watch Nurse Jackie. She’s ALSO surly and battled an addiction to #morphling.
  5. Sure, the #HungerGames are life-or-death but the country music business is tough too. Watch Nashville on ABC and you’ll see. Pretty much equal amounts of struggle going on.

Whatever you do, don’t mention the M-word. It’s just not the right time.





    1. Right, we must have just dreamt it.

      Fortunately there’s another earnings conference call next month and they’re not going to want Mockingjay to still be imaginary at that point.

  1. I can even see THG parallels while watching Frozen. Things are getting hard. Loved the irony on(/in? I don’t speak english. But I think is on) this post. This wait over the movie promotion is probably business stuff. At least this year, instead of spending my time looking over something months afar, I can do something really useful. And also, maybe, and I’m hoping so, they will have less time to throw us the same amount of stuff they did last year, so we won’t need to be agonizing for months waiting for something more. Is by far better do this now than being so close to the movie. Let’s see what happens. Also love this blog. xx

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