The absence of information opens the door to all sorts of rumor and doubt. For months, we lived with the rumor that a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer would premiere at the MTV Movie Awards (mainly just based on Catching Fire’s promotional schedule, but the fact that the movie’s Brazilian film distributor posted this as well didn’t help things).

NOJust as soon as the MTV Movie Awards were over and… nothing was shown, a new teaser trailer date rumor came to life. It’s going to be played at Cannes! Cannes! Because of a Variety article from January says that Lionsgate will promote Mockingjay at Cannes!  And then yesterday a twitter account that reports Cannes Film Festival news caused a huge stir by saying that a Mockingjay teaser trailer was CONFIRMED to be shown at Cannes. What’s that? Something actually might happen soon? The fandom rejoices, even if it’s still a month away. It’s something where there once was NOTHING.

And then like an hour later, all that joy was again taken away. Because I suppose this rumor went wide enough for Lionsgate to take the trouble of denying it. So, as per the Lionsgate NO MOCKINGJAY PART 1 TEASER TRAILER AT CANNES. On a positive note, we know definitively and we don’t have to live with a month of people getting excited for something that won’t happen. But on a negative note, the lack of any news, the rollercoaster of rumor, and the general delay in any promotion when compared to last year is taking its toll on the fandom. Where there was just once impatience and excitement, there is now annoyance and resentment.

I guess this is what Lionsgate thinks?

I guess this is what Lionsgate thinks?

One does not invest hundreds of millions of dollars into making a movie without also having a very detailed, scheduled plan to promote it. For whatever reason, Lionsgate has made the start date later this year. Whether it’s other priorities or contractual obligations holding them back we’ll probably never know.  I don’t buy the argument that the start was delayed because Francis Lawrence needed more time to work on the teaser trailer. Or at least, that’s a total cop out excuse. Even if a teaser trailer wasn’t ready there are lots of other things that could be done to build excitement for the film – release movie stills or posters, or at the very least run some teasing posts on your social sites. No, there’s some other reason at play here. But as a fan, it’s absolutely no fun.

My bosses like to use baseball analogies a lot in regards to marketing. I’ve been told that if you bat .300 for the season you’re an All Star. If you bat .300 for a career, you make the Hall of Fame. For Mockingjay Part 1, the batting average is zero because Lionsgate won’t step up to the plate and play.

But baseball isn’t really my thing. I prefer the Frozen analogy here. Mockingjay is young Elsa locked up in her room and we’re Anna and really want to build a snowman.

Stop telling us no. We just want to play.



  1. One of the foreign distributors for MJ (I think the French one) said Lionsgate and Fox are having disagreements. Since Jen signed with X-Men first her ‘public image’ at the moment belongs to Fox and the X-Men franchise. Her ‘duty’ now is to promote X-Men not THG. That’s why LG had to pull the trailer out of the MTV awards. Jen is going to GMA next week to promote X-Men, and I get the feeling we won’t get anything MJ related until the X-Men press tour is over and the movie is released. The whole thing put me off watching X-Men to be honest. Also the Bryan Singer thing.

    1. Well Fox did change the shoot date for Xmen to accommodate Catching Fire’s shooting schedule. (X-men had priority so maybe they negotiated something when they made that move). I don’t know. All I know is the delay is bumming me out.

      1. X-Men didn’t really change their schedule for CF. They ran into severe script delays which pushed back filming until May. And it wasn’t just the script. There were lots of reports about problems with the X-Men production and the people involved. The director of First Class left and Bryan Singer stepped in. Cast members from First Class were let go, like January Jones and Zoe Kravitz. That’s why Jen was able to finish filming CF and then film American Hustle before X-Men. I doubt Fox is that nice that they delayed filming a major movie just so she could make two other movies. She is part of the ensemble not the main character. Anyway the twitter of the Paris distribution company posted it I believe. They took it down soon after but I think some people were able to take screenshots. Maybe check Panem Propaganda, they might have it? I think X-Men comes out in June? I was planning on watching it because I love the comic books and cartoons but the Bryan Singer rape allegations completely soured it for me to be honest. Anyway we probably won’t get any trailers until Comic Con. Unless LG works something out because the wait is killing me lol.

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