The Most Important Award Ever

Help me. I’ve gotten sucked in to the MTV Awards voting thing and I kind of hate myself for it. I mean, they blatantly left Katniss out of the Best Hero category AND THEN made up a “Favorite Character” social vote category and put her up against that other dystopian series heroine. You don’t need even half a brain to see right through what they’re doing.  They’re using the fervor of two fandoms to build buzz for their show and destroy everyone’s social feeds for two weeks. AND I HATE THEM FOR IT.

Yet even seething in hatred about it, I still made a new voting-only twitter account and tweeted the hell out of #votekatniss during the past few days. I know I shouldn’t care, but I want the magical internet pony for Katniss. So I do it, and hate MTV even more for using my love for this fictional character to build up their dumb ass awards show. [And how this will inevitably happen for the next two years as well. I hate when the media manipulates my love for things for their financial gain. Bastards.]

I’m trying to make peace with it and embrace the stupidity. So beyond the whole #votekatniss craziness, I’ve decided that the award I most want Catching Fire to win is…


It’s just Oh, So Capitol of MTV.  MTV can try to class up their show by nominating Oscar winners like 12 Years a Slave and Dallas Buyers Club, but it’s very off-brand of them to do so. The show made a name for itself by having silly categories like Best Shirtless Performance, Best Kiss, and Best WTF moment. No one’s tuning in for another Oscars so it amuses the hell out of me that they’re trying to mix both together and pretend it works. And with the silly categories, just the fact that they call it a shirtless PERFORMANCE feels like they’re trying to class that up somehow too?  Hilarious.


Go get it, Sam.

Back to the all-important BEST SHIRTLESS PERFORMANCE category, Sam Claflin has some stiff competition among the likes of Chris Hemsworth (the amazingly gratuitous Thor-thinking-deep- thoughts-while-washing- up scene. If it sounds like I’m mocking it please know I’m mocking it with deep love and admiration.), Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Aniston, and Zac Efron. Good job at not wearing shirts while acting, all of you.

Damn it though, Catching Fire/Sam needs to take this one home. Why?

  1. Vindication for Sam after all the crap he got when he was cast that he wasn’t “hot enough” for the role. Bam, go away haters. The guy pulled it off. Give the man some inedible popcorn to go with his chicken and asparagus.
  2. Because that scene is actually really iconic in the series. As much as I love seeing Thor pensively bathe, it can’t come close to sugarcubes.
  3. The unabashed mirroring of our world with the Capitol. Just as the Capitol paraded Finnick Odair as a shallow piece of meat, so does MTV.

Suck it, MTV. I can’t wait until next Monday when this is over.




  1. The most annoying thing about MTV is that both divergent and hunger game fans used to exist peacefully but the media always has to compare female characters.

  2. But in my opinion i LOVE it! I mean the teaser trailer of mockingjay part 1 should be realese in this ceremony!!!! Did you forget that? Aren’t you exciteeeedddd?????? So come down and think about the good things! OMGGG so excitteeeedddd!

    1. There has been no confirmation that there will be a Mockingjay Part 1 teaser trailer at the awards. it’s all rumor based on the fact that there was a Catching Fire teaser last year.

      1. Yahoo said that it Will be the trailer! They TAKE théorie sources from an acount directly report to lionsgate

  3. I did just vote for Finnick, but I don’t know that I agree with your opening argument that Katniss was erroneously left out of the Best Hero category. While Katniss is unarguably the best hero of The Hunger Games and will be for both parts of Mockingjay, I’m not sure that’s true for Catching Fire. A good argument could be made that it’s Finnick. For one thing, Finnick accomplishes his goal of saving Katniss while she fails to save Peeta.

    1. Of course Finnick is heroic as well, but I completely disagree that failing to save Peeta makes Katniss any less of a hero. She was courageous and willing to sacrifice herself when facing horrible circumstances. That’s a hero.

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