Josh Hutcherson In Mockingjay Peeta Mode


Okay, it’s not official, but it’s still pretty freaking stellar.

Laura Simpson, aka Jennifer Lawrence’s BFFL who went to the Oscars to support Jen and spent a decent chunk of it at the bar with Jen’s dad (for which we already love her), posted up a photo of herself and Josh Hutcherson on the Mockingjay set.


(Gracias, Jabberjays!)

PEETA! He’s back! …And he got the shizz beat outta him!

Observe the black eye, the burned and bruised chest, and the locket! Oh, the locket! Of course, this is not DURING actual filming because Josh is in a gym sweatshirt, but a scene was either being prepped or just finished.

What does it meeeeean?!

Most likely, we’re talking District 13 scenes, post-hijacking. Josh is wearing THE LOCKET. You know the one! The Capitol wouldn’t be letting Peeta hold onto that. He’s got himself a partially-healed shiner too. Unless Peeta gets roughed up by Katniss or Gale or maybe even Boggs in a newly added scene (though we doubt it, because that’s just asking for THE ATTACK OF THE FANGIRLSSSS), he’s still sporting that injury from the Capitol. He’s also got extensive scarring on his chest from Capitol torture, right? This could be batshit crazy hijacked Peeta!

… At least, that’s the popular theory. BUT WE HAVE ANOTHER!

Remember when Nina Jacobson told us Buttercup was back on set? JJ thought it was time for “She’s dead, you stupid cat!” and thus the ending scenes to be filmed. We think she’s totally right! Peeta just proves it.

The shattered remnants of Star Squad 451 reach the Capitol Square. They’ve been put through hell and are likely bruised and bloodied. When the bomb detonates, both Katniss and Peeta are burned extensively. Assuming we skip over or even speed up the imprisonment and trial of Katniss Everdeen and ship her back to District 12, she’d be there in a few weeks, shortly followed by Peeta. Remember when he gets back?

“He looks well. Thin and covered with burn scars like me, but his eyes have lost that clouded, tortured look.”

Peeta, with treacherous burn scars across his body. Peeta, possibly still sporting a black eye from the battle in the Capitol. Peeta, wearing the locket that ties him to Katniss, still caring about her no matter what they’ve both done during the war. Peeta, planting evening primroses.


Aaaaaand of course, we could be totally wrong. This could be anywhere, at any time. But a fangirl can dream!

We’re Just Assuming Peeta Is Not In Total Distress Because His Hair Is Still PERFECT,
The Girl With The Pearl



    1. Maybe, maybe not. It’s a silver structure with a non-linear edge. It could be the Cornucopia, but it could be pretty much ANY silver structure with the non-linear edge. Considering we don’t know what District 13 or the Capitol sets look like, we’re not ruling anything out.

      1. true true. I’ve seen two kinds of theories, hijacked peeta in mockingjay, and peeta in catching fire

    1. They’re actually two different Under Armor shirts– unless Josh ripped the sleeves off it at one point and sewed the edges back together nearly perfectly, which we doubt haha. Peeta could easily wear the locket in parts of Mockingjay, too. Maybe he just likes the UA brand?

      I can’t recall his makeup looking like that at any point in CF, either.

      Some people do think it’s from Catching Fire, but it’s kind of impossible to confirm, so we’re gonna have our fun and hope it’s from Mockingjay in the meantime!

      1. I want it to be from Mockingjay, too, I mean we’re STARVED now (no pun intended..) but the locket… Aside from the fact that whenever it’s mentioned in Mockingjay, it’s in Katniss’s possession… Why would Peeta wear it? It was a gift to Katniss. You can see her wearing it at the end of the movie, and, like the pearl, it was valuable to her. Why would she give it back?

  1. OH SNAP, shit just got real! lol Seriously, great theory!

    As for comments, it could be the cornucopia, it might not be, it’s too hard to tell. Either way, the Cornucopia isn’t in Hawaii, it’s at The Beach in Georgia, so putting the two comments together, all it says is that Josh was wearing the same UA shirt on both sets.

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