We Now Return to Nina Jacobson Tweet Watch

This is my third post about something Nina Jacobson has tweeted, which makes me feel guilty. As if I’m not branching out enough with my sources.  Except, she’s pretty much the ONLY source of any Mockingjay movie news in the past few months. So I’ll give myself a pass here. We’ve got to take any small scrap of info and cherish it.

Back to the tweet in question – it was about the cat again.  She tweeted about Buttercup earlier this year and said they were filming the Crazy Cat scene. Today we get another pic of the furball looking like he feels absolutely no pressure from being a part of a multi-billion dollar movie franchise.

Now that it’s late March, and filming in Atlanta has only a month left to go, I’m going to assume that they are filming is end of Mockingjay District 12 scenes.


You know, after Peeta plants the primroses which spurs Katniss out of her semi-catatonic state and she goes hunting and she comes back home exhausted and Buttercup is somehow there? And then she yells at him that Prim is gone and has a breakdown. And then I had to stop reading so I wouldn’t have a breakdown.

Source: Nymstark (DeviantArt)

Source: Nymstark (DeviantArt)

Returning to the book, Katniss and Buttercup kind of become pals because they both loved Prim. Oh, my heart.  [Note: I just spent the last minute with my head in my hands trying to collect myself after typing those few sentences.]

Suzanne Collins wraps up Mockingjay in a quick, efficient way. But it’s some of my favorite writing of the whole series. For some fans, it’s way too efficient (more details please!) but it’s kept fan fiction writers busy for years, so that’s a plus.

I feel nervous knowing these scenes are filming now. Catching Fire has given me enormous faith in the entire production, but I still have trust issues, ok?  The end of Mockingjay District 12 scenes are everything to me. And I bet they are to you too.

Buttercup, don’t mess this up 😉



  1. That is my favorite writing too. I broke down when she went to the hunting spot and gale wasn’t there. I hope people read it to get that beautiful prose after they watch the movie, because no matter how wonderful the movie is, those words will be special.

  2. That scene with Buttercup is so bittersweet. Finally getting it out is what begins the healing for Katniss. But yeah, can’t read that part of the book without getting teary-eyed.

  3. The breakdown scene is the SINGLE most important scene in the whole entire trilogy. It must be executed perfectly otherwise the ending will not work. I’m so glad that Nina loves the buttercup as much as I do.

  4. Trust issues?? I’m paranoid! A while ago, the blogger OLTMJ said the “the scene with Buttercup after Prim’s death” will be filmed in Europe. That got me all worried that they will change the order of events. That she’ll grieve with Buttercup straight after Prim’s death, in he Capitol, instead of long after, in 12. Which is ALL WRONG. But why else would they need to film it in Europe? Maybe FL is worried people won’t get that her breakdown with Buttercup is actually a sign that she’s getting better? These scenes are important to me, too, so.. paranoid paranoid paranoid.

    1. Eh, maybe that blog got some of the intel wrong. Or Buttercup fussed when he found out Lionsgate wasn’t going to spring for first class plane tickets so they were like, “Fine, we’ll shoot those scenes in Atlanta. No European trip for you!”

      But I feel you with the paranoia. It cannot be helped.

  5. There are plenty of places in Europe that look just like the woods around District 12 (the ones that used to be in the Appalachians and then magically moved to Northern NJ).

    They are absolutely NEVER going to mess with the final Buttercup scene. Remember, Jacobson is the one who insisted that they recast an orange cat — and she didn’t say it because he might get offended–but they found a really ugly one who knows how to hiss on command in a totally nasty way.

    He’s probably a sweetheart in real life, though. Just look how he’s all limp and half asleep and remember how he let Prim hold him hanging over her arm in CF. My cats would hate that!

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