The Waiting Games

It’s been another week of no Mockingjay news. My patience is really wearing thin and I want to delay becoming too whiny about it. So in the interest of improving my mood, and the composure of all my fellow suffering Hunger Games fans, here are some suggestions for how to kill time during this news drought.

1)      Watch Catching Fire… with a laser focus. Watch it one time just focusing on Jennifer’s performance. And then praise the heavens that we got her as Katniss. Then do it again for other actor.  Watch once just focusing on costume design, or on the score, or the editing. You’ll get an added appreciation for the movie. And at 2.5 hours a pop, that’s a nice chunk of time.

Drinking games are ok, but DO NOT not challenge Haymitch to a drinking contest. Book Haymitch at least.

Drinking games are ok, but DO NOT not challenge Haymitch to a drinking contest. Book Haymitch at least.

2)      Watch Catching Fire… with a drink. So many drinking game options.  Drink every time someone says Peeta. Drink every time the Mockingjay symbol appears or the word is said. Just maybe keep them to small sips (and be of legal age of course).

3)      Re-read Mockingjay.  We’re probably due for another read through. I appreciate Mockingjay more with every reading. And you can be the hero of knowing all the places Cressida is mentioned in the book. Every minute detail of District 13. Think of new theories of how they are adapting it to the screen. Where are they cutting the two movies? You have the luxury of time to consider all these things with another reading of the book.

4)      Watch things that the Mockingjay team have worked on. Have you seen Game Change yet? It’s a political drama based on the 2008 US election written by MJ screenplay writer Danny Strong and stars Julianne Moore and Woody Harrelson. Freaky. Or you could watch Buffy The Vampire Slayer (tv show), Gilmore Girls, or Mad Men and see Danny Strong acting. More freaky, and three of my favorite tv shows of all time.

5)      Read some fan fiction. There’s a lot of Hunger Games fan fiction out there. And yeah, it’s not all primo stuff, but there are some talented writers in the fandom. Canon, AU, whatever you want, it’s probably there for the reading.

It's been so quiet even Katniss is sleeping

It’s been so quiet even Katniss is sleeping

6)      Write some fan fiction. Even with the huge amount of HG fic, can you believe that there doesn’t seem to be anything set in the Scandal Universe? Which is a shame because, come on! You could set it up as Katniss=Olivia, Gale= Fitz, Peeta=Jake, Haymitch=Cyrus, Coin=Sally, Snow= Olivia’s dad. There is so much potential for trippy fun here. (I should explain that I consider Olivia/Jake endgame. I know, how scandalous, but I want it because Scott Foley is everything).

7)      Read through the archives of Victor’s Village. There’s loads of stuff here. Years of stuff to reminisce about. Or at least enough to give you a chuckle or two while we CONTINUE. TO. WAIT.

8)      Umm. Help me out. If you have other ideas please bring ‘em on.

Sure, you could also spend the time enjoying other interests, but nah, that’s stupid.




  1. 8) Watch Hunger Games fan made videos (there are some seriously talented vidders in the HG fandom) Most focus on the rebellion, Katniss and Peeta relationship, Peeta’s hijacking and the epilogue.

  2. Create your own Hunger Games themed stuff. Who cares if there are a hundred or so other people who created their own Mockingjay pin? Let you creativity out because it’s arts and crafts time!

  3. Somewhere in the VV archives, I wrote a guest post along the lines of “What does Peeta see in Katniss anyway – Part 3” that turned into being told from Peeta’s point of view from age 18 and age 38. I didn’t even realize it was fan fic until Kait pointed that out. Anywho, my point is that fan fic is actually really hard to write. It makes me appreciate the skill Susan Collins has as a writer. But the fan fic exercise is really good for forcing to pay attention to character, voice, detaills, etc. I can’t call it a must for every fan, but it is a wonderful experiencel

  4. Suggestion: Watch the movie dubbed in other languages. Spanish (Los Juegos del Hambre: En Llamas), Italian (Hunger Games: La Ragazza di Fuoco), French (Hunger Games: L’Embrasement), German (Die Tribute Von Panem: Catching Fire). It could be strange/funny/interesting.

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