The Hunger Games Cosplay Character Crisis

Effie Trinket may be one of the most cosplay-able characters in the world. Got bright hair, frilly dress, outrageous accessories, and an excess of makeup? BOOM! EFFIE! You can do it a million times and never look quite the same, yet still be distinctly Effie.

Effie, Effie, Effie!

Effie, Effie, Effie!

Which is why we’re not totally surprised that when the a Hunger Games Capitol cosplay contest cropped up in the UK, it essentially turned into “the running of the Effies”! Girls. Guys. EVERYONE got their Effie on. It was originally thought to be a fan gathering, but later reports specified that our cosplayers were in it to win tickets to the Mockingjay: Part 1 premiere.

Two things crossed our minds:
1) Wait… They’re already doing premiere giveaways in the UK?!
2) Why does the Capitol always get the cosplay love?

Sure, the Capitol is a little more fun and sparkly. And as mentioned, it’s essentially the easiest. Katniss either in The Hunger Games arena outfit or midway through her Mockingjay dress transformation seems to be in second place. But a badass rendition of ANY Hunger Games cosplay is appreciated.

Remember the Caesar Flickerman cosplay at Comic Con that was so good, not-so-obsessed fans actually thought he was Stanley Tucci? Or that time Kristen Bell admitted she and husband Dax Shepherd were Clove and Cato one Halloween? Why can’t we get some more of that?!

OMG LOOK!  A Peeta!

OMG LOOK! A Peeta!

Why does NO ONE cosplay Haymitch?! You get to act drunk all day, perhaps even BE DRUNK, depending on your circumstances! Why is Peeta so underutilized? He got dressed up in Capitol outfits too! Even our lovely Finnick and Johanna don’t get enough cosplay love.

Seriously, we’d be far more impressed with anyone willing to venture into these characters than just another Effie. It takes a little more planning, but it also makes a bigger impression. We love anyone who’s willing to play up The Hunger Games! We just want to see the character love spread.

So there’s our dare to you, convention attendees of the world!
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. Agreed! I can’t help being puzzled by all the Effie-love in terms of costuming, for a number of reasons…. Firstly, despite her admirable character development, she’s still from the Capitol (*bad guys*). Wouldn’t more people rather re-enact the unambiguously good guys? It always troubles me to see the Capitol portrayed in any kind of positive light, because we’re not actually supposed to admire its visual excess (based as it is on exploitation)….

    Secondly, from a cosplay point of view, I agree with you that there are more subtle costumes one could really have fun with. The gaudiness of Effie’s apparel is almost what you’d expect from a costume-store get-up, whereas it can be enjoyable to have to use a bit more ingenuity to concoct a costume for the less showily attired characters.

    And thirdly, what’s not to adore about that ineffable (ahem, pardon the pun! ;)) Depression-era-meets-dystopian-new-order aesthetic of the costumes worn by the residents of Districts 11 & 12, or by Katniss, Peeta, & Haymitch on the Victory Tour? (Which is why I enjoy blogging about those costumes so much… & more to come soon….)

    Anyway, that’s my costume-y 2-cents worth! 🙂

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