Katniss Everdeen is Our Hero (Whatever, MTV)

The Magical Internet Pony has let us down. Well, not really, but it has stung us a little. The MTV Movie Awards nominations were announced a few days ago, and Catching Fire got a bunch of them. Best movie, Best Female Performance (Jen, duh), Best Male Performance (Josh), Best Fight (Jen/Josh/Sam vs. the monkey mutts), Best Shirtless Scene (Go Sam! No need to be self-conscious), Best On Screen Transformation (Elizabeth Banks), and Best Villain (Donald Sutherland). Very impressive. And a nice job of spreading out of the love to several actors.

However, Catching Fire was not included in two categories that had fans crying foul. Best Hero and Best Kiss. I agree that there is a tremendous case for CF to be nominated in these two categories as well, but I’d guess that it was left out as a way to include other movies in the show. You nominate more movies, you have a better shot of having more actors come, more movie fans are inclined to watch and you make more movie studios happy. If Catching Fire and Jennifer Lawrence won everything, it might be a bit too much for some people. Not me, but I could see it annoying other people.

Katniss gets included twice in the Oscars Hero Montage. MTV just has different standards?

Looking at some of the nominees in those two categories irritates me though. Channing Tatum, you are adorable and lovely and quite the strong buff guy. But MTV, are you seriously telling me that his role in White House Down deserves a Best Hero nod over Katniss Everdeen in Catching Fire? No. The only reason he’s nominated is they want to include him in the broadcast for a reason other than just promoting 22 Jump Street. The other noms are Marvel/DC superheroes and Bilbo Baggins. Fine, I can understand you picking superheroes and another beloved literary figure. But you leave out Katniss Freaking Everdeen when Catching Fire was the number one domestic release of 2013 MTV? Tsk, tsk. That is one big miss, and it kind of stinks of sexism, which makes it even more uncomfortable.

For what it’s worth, some fans have channeled their outrage into online petitions. The Best Hero one already has over 11,000 signatures and I even saw E! News posting on it today. I mean, I don’t know what would possibly come of it, but it makes me smile to see fans support Katniss. It’s nice.

Your love is beautiful and it's probably best that The Capitol (er MTV) doesn't sully it further.

Your love is beautiful and it’s probably best that The Capitol (er MTV) doesn’t sully it further anyway.

[I don’t even want to dwell the Best Kiss category because we all know it’s a travesty that the beach kiss was not included. Completely ridiculous oversight made for some of the reasons mentioned above. It makes me angry. And then I get angry at myself for being mad about a silly MTV awards show. It’s a cycle of just bad feelings so I must stop.]

Yes, I’m very annoyed at myself for even writing this post because really, the true value of the MTV Movie Awards for Hunger Games fans is that last year it gave us the Catching Fire teaser trailer premiere. And maybe this year, it will give us something else (purely rumor at this stage). I can’t say I enjoy watching the rest of the show. So why am I wasting my life writing about this. Damn you, MTV and your Movie Brawls, Movie Awards, etc. Just. Ugh.

After all this MTV, I hope for your sake that Lionsgate is hooking you up with something Mockingjay-related to make us forget.



  1. I signed the petition yesterday, and here’s why. While MTV Movie Awards isn’t the most prestigious award ceremony there is, and no one actually cares about the show, it does send a message to its young audiences about what’s ‘hip’ and whatnot. And when they decide not to include a single female character in a category called Best Hero, I certainly don’t like that message.

    Sure, MTV nominated Katniss before here, so they’re obviously open to the suggestion, and yet when push came to shove, they decided to nominate Bilbo Baggins and Channing Tatum’s character from his moderately successful Die Hard rip-off over the popular iconic heroine leading the year’s biggest box office hit. But forget Katniss, what about Ryan Stone from Gravity? The female lead in Pacific Rim? Or, gasp!, Princess Anna from Frozen? Or should we just resign to the fact that if such a popular and complex character like Katniss can’t break the mold, other heroines can’t expect to even be considered?

    Well, I’m not accepting that. And while I don’t expect MTV to change their nomimation list and neither do I really care, I do think that this is a subject matter that deserves some attention and one that warrants further discussions. It’s bad enough that Hollywood doesn’t take female heroes seriously enough to make more movies with them, but it might be even worse when the ones we do have get completely ignored.

    1. Well said. I’m seeing even more entertainment news sites take up this story, so I think MTV is going to have to respond in some way.

    2. Amen. I signed the petition also just so MTV can acknowledge that what they are doing isn’t right. Even those these categories are obviously promotional, it is better to demand equal representation in the media.

    3. You raise a good point that, while it’s easy to dismiss MTV MAs as “from the bottom of the pop culture barrel”, it does have a young impressionable audience.

      Even if one does want to make the argument to keep CF from monopolizing the scene (which is a pitful argument), there are indeed the other characters from Frozen and Pacific Rim that are WAY more heroic than Bilbo (this coming from a diehard Tolkien fan).

  2. *chuckles* MTV awards politics aside, I just want to give a little shout out to JJ, who I think is doing a great job as new VV staffer. Sounds trite, but keep up the good work!

  3. Agreed! I’m all in favour of Bilbo, who is a true Everyman hero, but we also desperately need some dynamic female representation – and Katniss is it! (I like the suggestion of Anna from Frozen too….)

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