REACTION POST: Catching Fire DVD Special Features

Sometimes, the best way to really review something is to gather ’round and discuss it! Which means it’s time for another Victor’s Village reaction post!

We’re laying it all down and getting a little crazy as we recount our latest Catching Fire binge! These posts get quite long, so look for most of it under a cut!




TGWTP: Let’s start with the deleted scenes, shall we? Which was your favorite?
JJ: Finnick with the Knots, no question for me.
Them There Eyes: It’s a toss between the Mockingjay scene with Snow and Plutarch, or the knot tying scene with Finnick and Katniss.
TGWTP: I’m torn on that one. I like the Finnick scene, but I get why it wasn’t used. The Mockingjay speech? I was like “WHY IS THIS NOT IN THE MOVIE?”
Them There Eyes: Both would have added a little bit more brevity, and a little more background to characters, and the story in general.
JJ: Yes, I think the sugar cube scene made the knot scene unnecessary. But I still loved it.
Them There Eyes: Yeah, but we like seeing more Finnick, it makes us happy in all kinds of places! Got that Sam? WE LIKE YOU!
TGWTP: CLEARLY. I mean, they essentially created a Best Shirtless MTV Movie Award for Sam Claflin. And Liam Hemsworth’s brother.
Them There Eyes: Truth be told… I pay no attention to MTV except to Josh Horowitz, ’cause he’s funny, and has slumber parties with Tom Hiddleston.

TGWTP: The other scenes were cool but they just didn’t have any beef behind them (other than Liam Hemsworth… BAZINGA!)
JJ: You had to.
Them There Eyes: Can we do winky faces on this, or will I be smitted?
TGWTP: OH, winky faces are totally in!
Them There Eyes: Honestly though, the Plutarch switches the envelopes scene made no sense to me… granted I had just watched all the other blu-ray extras, so I was a little bit bleary, and confused by life in general… But… that one took me a bit to get.
JJ: I agree, the Plutarch envelope scene was just confusing. And long. You can see why they cut it.
Them There Eyes: Yes…. and also emotional. But for completely unintentional reasons.
TGWTP: It’s a theory in the book that the envelopes are switched. But considering that the pre-planned Quarter Quell envelopes are never expressly explained to movie audiences to begin with, it didn’t make sense to keep it in.
JJ: And really, do you need it emphasized that this was all a plot to kill the victors? No. But yes, all PSH scenes are loaded with extra meaning now. That was a really tough thing about watching the movie again.
TGWTP: And watching him talk about making the movie. I loved the “making of” documentary, but that definitely added some bittersweetness in there.
Them There Eyes: Yep, I hate to think that any scene with Philip Seymour Hoffman is now considered superfluous, but at least we know that the film makers were very focused on getting background information to the audience, even if it did turn out to be unusable.
TGWTP: True!



"Pack your Target edition, we're leaving."

“Pack your Target edition, we’re leaving.”

TGWTP: Speaking of background, what did you guys think of SURVIVING THE GAME? Did you learn anything super new and interesting there?
Them There Eyes: Not new per se, but interesting!
JJ: The fun thing was seeing all the behind-the-scene video
TGWTP: YES. I particularly loved Josh and Sam dance-fighting like they were straight out of West Side Story
JJ: So cute! And of course the famous pants splitting engagement scene.
Them There Eyes: Wait, which one was surviving the game? The nine part thing? So confused… ’cause there’s the three part extras on the Target Blu-Ray edition.
TGWTP: There was. And some of it is the same, but there’s much more in the full documentary
Them There Eyes: If it wasn’t clear yet… THE TARGET BLU-RAY EDITION HAS EVERYTHING… and a kitchen sink.
JJ: Yes. Lots of stuff. Some of which overlapped. Not that I’m complaining about that. Give me more stuff

TGWTP: Any things you loved about the doc?
Them There Eyes: Ve Neil, Trish Summerville, Jo Willems, the artists who made pretty much everything except Jennifer Lawrence’s amazing stare down. And I want the head film editors editing bay in my life.
JJ: I love that they touch on so much of what went in to production. They covered a costume, makeup, SFX, music. So much. It just made me appreciate the work they did that much more.
TGWTP: MINI JEN was my homegirl! Obviously a minor detail, but I live for those. You guys are all serious and I’m like “Did you see that action figure?!”
JJ: LOL, I did mention the pants splitting before.
Them There Eyes: I literally paused the doc. during the makeup scenes, turned to my room mate, and said… I HAVE THOSE INSPIRE PICTURES ON MY CAPITOL PINTEREST!
TGWTP: So you and Ve Neill have the same Capitol inspirations?! Why don’t you work in film, darling?
Them There Eyes: Because I only have ideas, and no ability to execute them without complaining constantly.
TGWTP: Fair ‘nough.



TGWTP: I also discovered a love for Debra Zane
Them There Eyes: She’s a funny lady
TGWTP: Because she was all like “I don’t care who people wanted cast. I’m doing it my way, dammit!” And obviously her way was brilliant
JJ: That was great
Them There Eyes: Yeah, but that didn’t stop her and I from having the same ideas. Debra Zane… call me.
TGWTP: You two can be biffles!
Them There Eyes: Is that related to punching bags?
Them There Eyes: Oh, I have one of those! She likes tacos.
TGWTP: Again, fair ‘nough.

TGWTP: Anything else from the documentary worth noting before we move on?
Them There Eyes: It’s worth watching, take bathroom breaks, Sam is a delight, everyone worked really hard, we should all buy them Christmas presents.
JJ: Yes, it’s long, but you can watch it in bits. It’s probably a better idea to watch it over time and not binge like we all did. Oops
Them There Eyes: No, binging is my life!
JJ: Not saying I’m gonna stop anytime soon

We can come to terms with almost everything else...

We can come to terms with almost everything else…

TGWTP: Did the audio commentary fuel your love for the film?
JJ: It made me appreciate Francis and Nina even more. And I loved getting the extra bits of info about when, why, etc certain things were filmed. Like the first scene, I figured that was the NJ stuff, but I was happy to have that confirmed.
TGWTP: I think all the behind the scenes stuff, but especially the commentary, made me love Francis even more. He’s technical but he’s also fun and he’s always smiling. Plus he GETS IT. Not to say that Gary Ross didn’t, but it’s great to see the tradition continued
Them There Eyes: I think I know what I’m doing tonight, besides eating dinner! Watching the film with commentary! Now, if only the super special edition box sets that’ll come out in 2016, will feature commentary from Gary Ross, and he’ll explain all his choices!
Them There Eyes: Is that a sarcastic please?
JJ: No, I actually want this. For all the reasons. Good and bad.
TGWTP: Girl, we would alllll watch it
Them There Eyes: Together, in our jammies…. drinking wine, and crying, “Why Gary why!?”
TGWTP: Perhaps. I imagine it’s gotta happen on occasion
Them There Eyes: Do fans of other franchises do this?
JJ: Yeah, I’m sure.
Them There Eyes: Okay good. Like Star Wars fans railing against Luke’s haircut!
TGWTP: Exactly. Except we’re railing against awkward prom dresses in the Tribute Parade in the first film
TGWTP: The dude didn’t have a handle on everything, but I give him kudos for trying.
JJ: Yes, but delegating is a virtue.
TGWTP: Francis talks a lot about the different teams he brought in and I think that was a big ol’ attribute to Catching Fire
JJ: Yes, he definitely took the approach of hiring good people he trusted and letting them do their jobs.
Them There Eyes: Seriously… you know that just because of the amount of computer generated artists working on it… I lost count of the countries they all worked in.

TGWTP: Also, I love Nina’s voice. Is that weird?
Them There Eyes: No.
TGWTP: She’s got this pseudo-accent that’s not really there and she’s always so chipper
JJ: I’m going to have to listen to it again now.
Them There Eyes: She’s from the East coast though, probably lived in California for 20 years, and has lost some of the edge.

What did they think was happening? Rewriting canon?

What did they think was happening? Rewriting canon?

JJ: One thing from the audio commentary that I’ve noticed fans talking about on tumblr is that they feel comforted now that Francis and Nina “get” Everlark.
TGWTP: Was that really a question, though?
JJ: You know there is the anxiety thing. What they said seems to have quieted that.
TGWTP: I feel like they always GOT it. They just gotta play all sides of the story.
JJ: Exactly. I think the audio commentary gave them a chance to explain it.
Them There Eyes: Do we have to combine their names? I prefer Peenis.
TGWTP: I, too, say Peeniss. But I am thoughtless and obscene.
Them There Eyes: As am I… As… am… I.


TGWTP: As mentioned before, the Target Bonus features get a liiiiittle repeat-y with SURVIVING THE GAME, but there’s still new stuff and I thought it was worth it. Did you guys have the same feels?
Them There Eyes: Yeah, recycling was bound to happen… but that’s when you go to the kitchen and get water.
JJ: I was glad for it. It’s definitely worth a few extra bucks.
Them There Eyes: Absolutely.
TGWTP: Because they focused in on specific actors or characters, you got more individual attention on each of them instead of a little of everything
JJ: And there was a bit more footage. Like of the District 4 reaping. I think that was the Target part. It’s all blending together now.
TGWTP: Yes, it was. If we seems confused, folks, WE ARE. But that’s not a bad thing! …Just a mass consumption thing
Them There Eyes: I’m so confused right now!
TGWTP: It all comes back to binging
Them There Eyes: Kids… DON’T DO IT!
TGWTP: Don’t be like those crazy Victor’s Village girls!
Them There Eyes: THEY’RE ON DRUUUUGS. And drugs are Catching Fire extras, and nothing else
JJ: And now hungover
TGWTP: This escalated quickly.
Them There Eyes: Hunger Games was our gateway drug



TGWTP: Anything else to add about the DVD before we close up shop?
JJ: One final thing I liked about the actual movie was how at least on the Blu-Ray they kept the change in aspect ratio when you go into the arena. So even though it’s not a huge IMAX, you still get the different perspective during that portion of the film
JJ: But yeah, Catching Fire makes me high
Them There Eyes: We’re going to be raging addicts come the Mockingjay Part 2 DVD release.
JJ: Imagine the withdrawal.
TGWTP: We’ll just keep buying the crazy new editions instead
Them There Eyes: Yep…. and waiting for Sam to accept our love and gratitude.
TGWTP: Indeed.
Them There Eyes: Shall we call it a success and go cry about Peeta?
Them There Eyes: ‘Kay…. PEEEEEETTA!



  1. As always, fabulous reaction post. May your odds ever be in your favor that MJ lives up to your dreams.

  2. It does boggle my mind why they didn’t include the explanation of the mockingjay; maybe they thought viewers would be bored or something. It doesn’t even mess with the pacing.
    For me, knowing the origin of the bird is all the more integral to understanding its use as a symbol for the Rebellion (many a non-book reader may wonder: there’s tons of imagery attributed to Katniss; what makes this one so special?).
    Hope for an explanation in MJ?

    I dunno; there’s something wonderfully peppy about “KatPee”.

  3. Great post, fun read 🙂
    Could the reason the switching envelope scene seemed weird was that it wasn’t supposed to play “by itself”, but during Snow’s Quarter Quell speech? That’s what they said in the commentary, anyway. That way it might have made more sense, and I think I would have liked it. Not that it was bad the way they ended up doing the Announcement scene. Well, except the music. The music felt all wrong, which has annoyed me to no end. Hmm. Maybe this is the reason. That the music was originally made to go with a slightly different scene.

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