The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD Review + Giveaway

SO MANY EDITIONS! How do you know which edition of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire to grab for yourself?

Luckily, we had the honor of review the different DVD versions are all the special features. We’ve broken down our thoughts on the special features so you can decide which you’d like and which DVD to buy!



Deleted Scenes (All Versions) – We got the breakdown on these babies weeks ago, but rest assured that seeing them is very, very different! It’s fairly easy to see why most of them were left out.

The first two scenes, featuring Gale and Katniss at The Hob and Katniss talking to her mother and Prim as she returns from the Victory Tour are short and not very pressing.

Another scene featuring Philip Seymour Hoffman as Plutarch switching the Quarter Quell envelopes, while harrowing, might have confused non-readers who were never told that the Quarter Quell designations were planned decades prior and wasn’t totally necessary.

We thoroughly “Finnick Ties the Knot”, it may have left a sour taste in audiences mouths. We’re seeing the cocky, obnoxious side of Finnick that would have made it hard for everyone to think of him as a sympathetic character later on. But it is so very GIF-able!

The deleted portion of a scene we’re most disappointed was left out of the scene was the Mockingjay explanation given by Snow in one of his meetings with Plutarch. Besides being a vital part of the series, Donald Sutherland delivery is FLAWLESS.

Bonus Content Featurettes (Target Edition) – Forty-five minutes of exclusive bonus content made its way onto the Target Special Edition. It’s broken up into three separate featurettes focusing on the returning cast, the new cast, and adapting the books. Though the topics are pretty standard, there are some gems in there, in the form of behind-the-scenes cast antics, hilarious quotes, or previously unknown tidbits. Also, lots of stuff that will make you fall in love with Francis Lawrence’s take on these films. For the diehards like us, this is totally worth it.

Surviving The Game: Making Catching Fire (Blu-Ray exclusive) – It’s long, and when I say long I mean over two hours worth of behind the scenes footage, interviews with the cast, crew, director, producers, and tons of fun content. It’s divided into nine parts, each one focused on a specific aspect of the film making process. My favorites being the sections focused on costume, hair, and makeup, because Ve Neil is awesome, and Trish Summerville is her partner in crime along with Nikoletta Skarlatos, and then there are the chats with Jo Willems the D.P., the IMAX tech experts on location in Hawaii, and then the glimpsing and mellow explanation of the creating and editing process from the head film editor, sound editor, and the super talented visual effects artists from all over the world (they made water, so much water!) However from a fannish POV it was nice to see the named Victors getting to speak, and discuss the process they went through along with the principle cast. It’s long though, so do not expect to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and then watch the nine part documentary in one sitting– you’ll lose your head, but yes watch it it’s worth the numb butt, and cramping leg muscles.

Audio Commentary with Francis Lawrence and Nina Jacobson (All except the Walmart Double Feature Version) – You know we were excited about this feature, and happily it does not disappoint! Francis and Nina give a lot of added insight into the making of the film. You’ll learn more about where scenes were filmed, some of the challenges of filming (one of them is NOISE, everywhere noise), where and why they made changes from the book, the performances, decisions about hair, makeup, and more. They really touch on all areas of the production. And every now and then they give a little hint about Mockingjay production (there’s a public square outside of Snow’s mansion that will be a set. Ok, not a huge revelation, but exciting!). The two talk throughout the movie, so you’ll definitely want to watch the whole movie on its own first before delving in to this feature. But a must-watch for fans!

If you want all the features, there is no contest! The Target Special Edition has it! Added bonus? Really really snazzy packaging/


Leave your answer to the following question in our comments! Amuse us!

If you had to face down one of the challenges in the Catching Fire arena (other than the lightning tree!), which would you choose and why?

Two winners will receive the Walmart Double Feature Special Edition. One runner-up will receive The Hunger Games: Catching Fire DVD + Digital Copy. Winners will be chosen and contacted on Monday, March 10th.



  1. I didn’t get the opportunity to see the movie in theaters, but I have read the books several times and would love to have a copy of the dvd! The one challenge I would like to experience in the Catching Fire arena is the jabberjay torture! I know it’s a horrible thought (aren’t they all?) but from a purely psychological interest I would want to know what can hurt me so badly without leaving a physical sign. And if I’m strong enough to perceive reality from the illusion.

  2. I would like to experience the jabberjays, because it would be interesting to see who’s voice they would use to torture me with, and to see how I would react to it.

  3. I think I would choose or the tidal wave or the jabberjays
    I mean, the tidal wave isn’t that awful, if you can grab to something and you’re strong enough, you can survive to it
    I also choose the jabberjays because, it sounds rare, but I like to know what voice they would use to torture me, an if you can perceive that is not real, is not that bad
    But I would choose the tidal wave, I think that even knowing that it isn’t true I cannot be one hour listening to the scream a of one that I love
    By the way, the movie was AMAZING AND AWESOME!!

  4. If you were deaf you could hide out with the jabberjays since they wouldn’t bother you. 😀 For me though, probably the blood rain because sure it is disgusting but the blood wouldn’t actually kill you. Although I think there were several areas in the arena that we have no idea what happened in them. I would love to know what did…

  5. I want to try out the Beast section because the books didn’t describe very them clearly. I always pictured the Beast looking like the one from Lord of the Flies.

  6. Definitely the blood rain. I couldn’t endure the other challenges. At least with the blood rain, since I’m pretty crafty, I could weave some leaves or vines to shield myself decently from it. Haha!

  7. I would like to face the unknown insects that was in the clock arena at one point. Katniss didn’t go into much detail about them, but I think they would be the easiest to handle.
    The most interesting thing to experience in the arena would probably be the Jabberjays. I don’t know if I would fall for it or not, but it would definitely creep my out no matter what.

  8. I would like to try one of the unknown challenges. Test my luck with something that I have no idea what I am getting myself in to

  9. I was going to say the jabberjays but that could end up being pretty traumatizing so I would choose the blood rain. It would be gross but I think I could get through it unscathed.

  10. I feel like the blood rain would be the least damaging. Yeah it’s be gross, but it’s more or less harmless and wouldn’t have any lasting after effects.

  11. I would choose the Jabberjays because I feel like if I could just stay centered and remember that it’s not real I’d be able to survive them. Plus they’re the least physically painful so they wouldn’t keep me from surviving the other challenges.

  12. I would probably choose the blood rain, I probably wouldn’t be able to deal with the fog that causes pain or the mutts the jabberjays would drive me mad and the apes would probably eat me! Haha

  13. Good question! I think that the blood rain would be frightening, but not horrible. Still would be something I would hate going through.

  14. I think I would choose the blood rain. It’s still a horrible challenge, but in my opinion it’s the easier one to stand.

    The jabberjays would drive me crazy (hearing my loved ones’ screams while being in a deadly arena; I don’t think I would stand that), the beast does not need an explanation, the insects could be deadly, the fog doesn’t need an explanation either, the wave could drown me, the monkeys could be very dangerous, and the lightning is not a choice :P.

    So yeah, I would choose blood rain.

  15. I would choose the blood rain as I wouldn’t have to do anything I would just have to get into cover and I wouldn’t have to be as strong as say fighting the monkeys. I would just try find some cover like going into the Cornucopia to stay blood free! I would hate listening to the jabberjays, like Katniss I would probably get emotionally affected. The fog it would be so painful so torturous and you would have to be fast to get away from it and you couldn’t just stand there fighting it off. The wave I’m not a very strong swimmer so that would probably kill me by drowning me and I would NOT like to drown. 🙂 Good explanation right here <—-

  16. Wait sorry me again!! But does this count in New Zealand? If not ignore my comment then! But if it counts in NZ please choose me I LOVED the books and the movie so much! 🙂

    1. Hi Gracie! The DVDs are Region A or Region 1 DVD player. If your DVD player is universal, you can definitely enter. But most are not, in which case the DVD would not play for you because it’s the wrong version

  17. I would want to face the challenge of the jabberjays because I want to find out which name of the person I care about the most in my life they would scream at me in the arena.

  18. If I had to face any part of the arena I would probably face the blood rain. I wouldn’t want the insects because EW! Bugs are nasty. And I would probably drown in the wave. So yeah the blood rain because I wouldn’t have the fear of being eaten by any mutts!

  19. I would face the jabberjays because I feel that is the only section of the arena I would survive… That and maybe the blood rain wedge.

  20. Out of all the challenges they come across, I’d have to go with the rolling fog! It isn’t too fast moving and any part that you touch without being engulfed can be relieved. I figure if I could out run and tolerate the pain, then I’d be confident in myself about the rest of the games!

  21. If i had to choose, it’d be the Blood hour. In all those tropical plants, there’s probably some giant leaves to hide under or other dry places.. plus a bucket of blood might come in handy!

  22. The blood rain would be best because one could probably make something into a shield or find a place to hide. If you collected the blood you could use it to lure enemies into a trap or hungry animals to catch. Also, nothing says “I missed you” quite like a downpour of sticky blood on an unsuspecting enemy 😉

  23. I would choose to face down the jabberjays, because all the other challenges are really dangerous. I know it could make me go crazy but I’d count on Peeta to comfort me 😉

  24. If I had to pick a conflict in the Catching Fire arena to come face to face with I would probably pick the blood rain. Even though it still would be scary, I would still have to go with the blood rain. The monkeys would probably kill me because they would frighten me so bad that it would cause me to freeze and that would eventually lead me to getting killed. The tidal wave would kill me because I simply can not swim. I think the jabberjays would mentally cause me to go crazy. So I would have to pick the blood rain.

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