Eye of the Tigris

We got a nice little tease about Mockingjay this week.  Producer Nina Jacobson again went to Twitter to tell us about Tigris!

It’s not a huge surprise that Tigris is in the movie – the cellar of her shop provides a desperately needed hideout for Squad 451 to regroup. There are some heartbreaking Real/Not Real moments between Katniss and Peeta. And it’s also the setting of the controversial Gale/Peeta conversation about Who will Katniss choose?

We’ve seen other small characters get cut out of the movies however, so I understand the caution to not assume anything.  The filmmakers could have opted for the squad to hide out in an anonymous place sans exotic shopkeeper and not go to the trouble.

But it’s so much better that they’re keeping her in! Through the character, we get another glimpse at the extremes of the Capitol lifestyle and the enemies that Snow has made throughout the years. It sounds like the set should be something really awesome too.

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a real world Tigris? (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

Jocelyn Wildenstein, a real world inspiration for Tigris? (Astrid Stawiarz/Getty)

This leads to the question of “Why didn’t they announce the casting for Tigris?” Well, it’s a pretty small part, and not every part is announced beforehand. Peacekeeper Thread never got a casting announcement, and I’d equate the size of his part to Tigris.

So did they go with a seasoned character actor or do a bit of stunt casting? (Remember a year ago when there was the rumor that Rebel Wilson would have a part in Mockingjay? According to Google a lot of people speculated her for Tigris. I think it’s highly improbable that this rumor ever came of anything, but that’s the type of name I would equate with stunt casting.)  Personally, I hope they go the character actor approach because stunt casting will just take me out of the emotion of the scenes. All the other casting decisions have been made seriously, so I have no reason to doubt they’d continue that approach with Tigris.  Though it’s likely the makeup/CGI will create a lot of the performance in of itself, you still need someone who can convey past that to the anger, cynicism, and pain of this character in just a few lines.

We probably won’t know anything more until November 2015 so we have lots of time to speculate!



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  1. Please take out the Peeta/Gale conversation. It is literally the worst part of that book because both guys are so insensitive to Katniss’ feelings. If they are going to include that scene, then they better make it less irritating and self involved than the book.

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