The Connection You Can’t Shake

Last weekend it snowed. Again. So I took that as an excuse to binge all of Season 1 of House of Cards and some of Season 2.  It was disturbingly easy to do. One of the fun things about watching House of Cards was that it was my first chance to see Mockingjay’s Boggs, Mahershala Ali, in action. He plays Remy Danton, a DC lobbyist and former press secretary to Kevin Spacey’s frighteningly powerful “moves and countermoves” politician. The role of Remy Danton in no way reminds me of Boggs, but the political gamesmanship brings to mind some aspects of Mockingjay.

All DC Lobbyists wish they could wear a suit like Remy Danton.

All DC Lobbyists wish they could wear a suit like Remy Danton.

Even though Remy is a very different character in a vastly different world, I couldn’t help getting pulled out of the story every now and then and thinking, “HEY, IT’S BOGGS. I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE HIM AS BOGGS!” This is not a negative reflection on the performance in any way. I just seem to have this problem a lot when actors in the series work on other projects.

It happened to me recently when watching Woody Harrelson’s character in True Detective have scenes of an adult nature with an actress from the Percy Jackson series.  And then someone pointed out to me that the actress resembles Katniss and it got even more uncomfortable  (though the added discomfort works in the show’s favor in that case. It’s all pretty messed up). Also, when watching Jennifer Lawrence’s Tiffany in Silver Linings Playbook recount how she was having problems with her husband because she wasn’t ready for kids, I just think “Oh, Katniss, I’m sorry. For everything.”

It’s not that these actors don’t do a great job at inhabiting other characters. They do, and I still enjoy the performances and the movies/tv shows on their own. But it does bring to mind why some actors balk at taking roles in big movies or get annoyed when a movie is a surprise hit and their role becomes iconic. You get fans like me who love it so much that it’s always going to linger in their consciousness.  Because when I wonder how many years/decades I’m going to associate the Hunger Games actors with their roles so strongly, House of Cards also gives some insight into that question. When I saw Robin Wright my first gut reaction was “BUTTERCUP, YES!”  (Robin Wright is seriously so awesome in this show).

Looking forward to thinking “WOW, PEETA IS SURFING” during Paradise Lost.




  1. I love you for combining my two present obsessions (Hunger Games trilogy and House of Cards) into this blog post! It is funny how we tend to associate all actors with the first role we attributed to them (so totally agree about Robin and Wright and ‘Buttercup’! It was hard to imagine her as a politician’s ruthless wife after Buttercup, but Wright nails the role down pat).

    And I had no idea that the actor who plays Remy Danton would be doing the part of Boggs! Having only seen the actor in HOC, I’m a bit skeptical about his ability to play Boggs effectively, as he seems to have somewhat of a limited range in his acting abilities, but we’ll see. Then again, Boggs doesn’t display much emotion anyway, so it’s not a stretch.

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