Mockingjay/Divergent Marketing Mayhem

Dear Hunger Games fans…
Y’all are dramalicious.

Not ALL of you, of course. But some of us like to see things. To create issues what no real issues exist.

Case in point: The Mockingjay/ Divergent marketing “scandal”.


Fiery friends

As you may remember, Lionsgate ate merged with Summit Entertainment recently. Given this, many of their marketing efforts are intertwined. Lionsgate owns The Hunger Games and Summit owns Divergent. So far in their partnership, the merge hasn’t blatantly meant any unprecedented delays in marketing, but someone out in the Internet whispered (probably on the cesspool that is tumblr) “There hasn’t been much Mockingjay Part 1 promotion yet because of Divergent’s promotion.” And just like that, complaints and worries took off.

Suddenly, a portion of the internet dissolves into feisty grandmas watching their soap operas:
“That new slut Divergent thinks she’s gonna just come in and steal Mockingjay’s man! To hell with that hooker!”

You gotta calm down there, Chuck.

Yes, at this time last year, we had the new poster reveal and a couple images of Victory Tour promo featuring Katniss and Peeta. Contrary to popular internet belief, we did NOT have the Capitol Portraits yet. Those came in March.

So really, we’re on par for what we had for Catching Fire at this time last year. Yet everyone’s looking to another YA movie to blame for that. HUH?

At least we've had tabloid leaks

At least we’ve had tabloid leaks

First off, we forget that Mockingjay Part II is still being filmed and the studio could very well be waiting until the focus is off filming before they worry about promotion for Part 1. It’s going to make a killing at the box office either way. Even so, The Hunger Games and Divergent are still marketed by two different teams, so it’s not as if promotion for one negates the other. Lionsgate and Summit marketing have been known to work together in the past, not cockblock each other. And frankly, there’s no way in hell anything happening in November is going to affect a movie coming out in March. If people want to see Divergent, they’ll go see it regardless of whether or not Mockingjay character portraits show up in the meantime.

Secondly, can’t YA fandoms all just get along? YA fandoms like to get elitist, judge each other, and in this case, blame each other for their problems. Hunger Games fans want more stuff and they’re not getting it, so they look to blame Divergent. There’s already so many people out there trying to discredit and undermine the young adult adaptations out there (including the ones that will forever hate on The Hunger Games, even if it won all the awards) that we should support each other instead of running around hating on each other. Capice?

Stop Being Jealous When Another Pretty Girl Gets Attention, Wannabe Prom Queens,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. I obviously don’t know what the real deal is, so these are just my thoughts as a fellow marketing person. I think there’s been no MJ promo so far because primarily the Catching Fire DVD isn’t out yet but I also think Divergent is a factor. If I were them, I wouldn’t want too many messages out at once, or throw out prized content now into a crowd of other content for fear of it not having as strong of an impact. And I would assume (hope) that the LG/Summit marketing teams schedule things to not conflict with one another.

    When there are synergies that work well, the two can be bundled together nicely like the Divergent sneak peek in the CF DVD. But I can’t imagine Summit would want much Mockingjay content distracting the media attention or the attention of more “general audience” moviegoers at this time. The success of this new franchise is too critical to want to risk that. With one exception – I’ve wondered if there would be some kind of MJ teaser (maybe not the full teaser trailer but something) set to play before Divergent to try and draw in THG fans still on the fence about the movie. I know people that are big enough THG fans so go see a movie for 15 secs of a teaser of a teaser. Remember that Catching Fire logo 🙂

  2. Out disciplining the fans again, eh? 😉 (Just kidding.)
    I hadn’t even heard of this suggestion that Divergent might be the reason. But I’m not American and rarely on tumblr.
    Most of the people I talk to, think we haven’t got anything yet because CF is fresher in people’s minds. At this time last year, it had been almost year since THG was released. They probably felt they had to keep up attention over a longer period of time. (Hadn’t we got the EW stills, too, by this time last year?).

    But seriously, what are we obsessed fans going to do in the mean time?? Sigh…

    1. Yeah, the EW stills were out in early Jan. And the Victory Tour posters came out a year ago today! (well a year ago this Friday – nine months out). I can’t imagine there’s going to be any other message than BUY THE CATCHING FIRE DVD! until Divergent comes out. Or maybe the teasy thing I mentioned above.

      Though this is one of those cases where I would be very happy to be wrong. Very very very happy. Cause I’m grumpy about how this time of nothing new is dragging. And these other messages are not filling the void for me.

  3. Divergent trailers were shown at the beginning of CF screenings. So maybe they will piggyback thei MJ promotions once Divergent movie comes out- rather than take away from Divergent.

    No need for people to freak out.

  4. Not to mention that Catching Fire is still in some theaters. We need to remember that there was a 18 months gap between THG and CF, so it’s not that surprising that marketing for the latter started a bit early.

    I find the suggestion that there’s a delay because of Divergent utterly silly, ridiculous and paranoid. Come on fandom! Think before you freak out. If anything, they’ll might actually hijack and use the Divergent promotion to kick off the MJ1 marketing.

    I don’t want to offend anyone but this is exactly the kind of behavior that could cause people to have prejudices against YA and YA fandoms.

  5. On that note, I am very disappointed with Divergent marketing. They are not explaining the world correctly and not trying to differentiate themselves from the Hunger Games.

    The main problem with YA adaptations is the media tries to compare it to the preexisting phenomenon *ahem Twilight-Hunger games* in order to “boost” the films chances. What HG did smartly is by putting out that 1st trailer that really screamed “I’M NOT TWILIGHT” that piqued the interest of the mainstream while leaving the book fans satisfied. Then positive buzz about the book really came through and people stopped listening to the media comparisons.

    My point is, some people should really stop complaining because Lionsgate is doing everything right when marketing these films. I really wish future YA adaptations try to follow their marketing strategy (while NOT COPYING the hunger games story).

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