Ice, Ice…. Georgia?

Our planet seems to be experiencing something called weather lately. From hearing about the cliffs on the coast of Dorset collapsing in places under the weight of the insane amount of water they’ve been pelted with over the last several weeks. Sad day, especially since the particular cliffs I’m talking about were pivotal background in the ITV drama Broadchurch starring David Tennant, which amazingly is being remade in the US for Fox, and also starring Tennant. And then there’s extreme drought

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, huh?

Not the sharpest tool in the shed, huh?

happening in California, and then the clincher– the winter blows that have been inundating the east coast of the US, and of course even reaching the normally tolerable winter climes of the South. Yep, Atlanta, Georgia, where The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, was filmed and both Mockingjay films are being filmed as well, have been socked in by ice storms and snow. This means two things: One being that production has likely had to stop twice because of the cold ass weather. And two: Global warming is real, yep– in case you were on the fence about that or something.

The media has kind of had fun with these weather phenomena as of late, which is fine– we all like our disaster porn every now and again, right? However, I really don’t see how some journalists can bend frozen precipitation shutting down a film set as a colossal disaster in the making. Weather has affected film productions since, well– since people started making films. Hell, some film makers deliberately would wait for bad weather specifically to film in, because it would make the end result more dramatic– also because special effects didn’t really exist yet. I’m talking about early early film making. Meh, it is true though– the Mockingjay films being shut down because of any reason is a disaster for one reason though– financially that is. They lose huge amounts of money for each day they’re not keeping to a schedule. But what is there to be done when you’re filming in a metro area that only experiences real winter weather every 30 or so years? Um, well– nothing. I say hang tight guys, film’s are gonna get made– little ice and snow isn’t the end of the world!

The real tragedy is the loss of a major cast member, not keeping to a predetermined schedule. 

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