“Hunger Games Adventures” Time

In a previous post, I wrote about how we’re still waiting for Mockingjay movie promotion to start. So what can an obsessed Hunger Games fan do to pass the time?  Well, there’s fan fiction or fan art, but I’ll leave that subject for another time. I’m in the mood to talk games, specifically The Hunger Games Adventures. There are other Hunger Games-licensed games, like Panem Run, but I like Hunger Games Adventures because it doesn’t require quick reflexes or really much in the way of skills.  You just have to be good at following directions and being patient as your energy supply refills. Those are two things that I excel at, so it’s really a game for me.

I got very motivated to play it in the months leading up to Catching Fire’s release, where it gave some sneak peeks into the designs of the new sets (like the Victor’s Village and inside the homes as well).  Some of the “adventures” come straight from the story, while others take you a little deeper in the world. And then there are times when they make the characters say things that just kill me – like this one…galeSomeone on game staff was in a mood for some foreshadowing, ha! (and then sob)

The gradual unlocking of district locations is also a fun tease we get from the game.  Placing District 4 in the current Pacific Northwest area was a bit controversial because everyone assumed it was one of the more southern spots. But I’ll go with it and accept the placement as canon. (Side note – did you all notice the placement of Districts 5 & 10 in the southwest during the train portion of Catching Fire? That’s all I could make out but if you noticed others, let me know. I want to know).

I guess this is Panem, until Suzanne Collins tells me otherwise.

I guess this is Panem, until Suzanne Collins tells me otherwise.

I had been all caught up in the game for a while, waiting for an update so my character was baking up a storm in her forest escape kitchen (I know Peeta would be proud of me). Happily, there was a new update this week with stories leading up to the Quarter Quell.   I can’t wait to see the kind of trouble my silly character causes during the next chapters.

Anytime, Peeta. Anytime.

Anytime, Peeta. Anytime.

I know she’s pissed about Katniss and Peeta having to go back into the arena, so I bet she’s gonna be feeling very rebellious.




    1. Definitive answer, yes! Now if only they could fill out the rest…

      Though I guess knowing that 5 and 10 are the southwestern ones it’s pretty easy to guess the last few. 9 between 11 and 3, then 6 is east of 1 and the Capitol, 8 is above 3 and finally 13 is right above 12 as pretty much everyone has always figured.

      1. I think you’re right about 5, 10, and 9, but I think District 8 is the one between 1 and 3 and District 6 is the one above 3 because Bonnie and Twill had to take a train through District 6 in order to get to the wilderness beyond 12.

  1. Good catch. I feel like I need to talk to someone at the Capitol about their confusing numbering system though. Taking the map and its wonky placement of some districts into account, the numbering seems even more based on what the Capitol prioritized the most (District 1 has luxury items so yay we like them the best but yo technology is good too so you can be District 3 even though you don’t border us.) It’s messing with my need for order.

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