Suzanne Collins, We’re Going Down With Your ‘Ship

Thank you for being you, Suzanne Collins! For writing The Hunger Games series, of course, but also for allowing it to be loved for what it is.

Yes, we’ve talked about how we wished you were more actively involved in the fandom and that still stands. But at the same time, your lack of chatter regarding the series helps maintain the mystery and the purity and just recently, we’ve realized just how much we appreciate that!

Still my OTP 4eva! NO! 5eva!

Still my OTP 4eva! NO! 5eva!

As you’ve probably heard, JK Rowling recently put the Harry Potter fandom in an absolute tizzy when she recently described Ron and Hermione, one of the most popular relationships in literature, as “wish fulfillment” and a stubborn choice to stick to her original plans for the series even though it was “not for reasons of credibility”. It doesn’t help that these quotes have been sensationalized by media sources saying she regrets writing the relationship and that Hermione should have ended up with Harry (which would directly contradict many of her earlier interviews and was actually implied by Emma Watson, not JKR, during the interview in question.) Unfortunately, it was super easy for the media to imply all these things because JKR sliced that can of worms wide open, seven freaking years after the end of the series. Fans who understand exactly why Ron and Hermione worked as a couple (like us!) are outraged and Harry/Hermione shippers, would Jo once playful agreed were delusional for ignoring “anvil-sized hints” to the contrary, are simultaneously rejoicing and demanding an apology. Despite the full interview explaining the situation with a little more depth to show JKR is not anti-R/Hr and the fact that none if this changes the ending to the Harry Potter books or movies, the whole fandom is a complete clusterfuck.

Now imagine if Suzanne Collins did something similar? What if several years from now, she tells the media that in hindsight, Katniss probably should have ended up with Gale. Because they came from the same type of background and they presented each other with fewer challenges to see the world differently than they already did. That it just would have made more sense if she stuck with the totally stagnant cliche in which the hero falls for their best friend, suggesting that was the more credible option than what her intuition originally convinced her to write.

True of 99% of All Canon Ships

True of 99% of All Canon Ships

We’re pretty sure we’d rip all our hair out.

Relationships are not the only thing this could happen with, of course. New details on Panem’s infrastructure? The actual names of Katniss and Peeta’s children? Suzanne’s doubts about killing so-and-so or the severity of so-and-so’s attitude in Chapter X? Even these minor things would drive this fandom crazy!

Do we want to know every single detail, even the ones we don’t need? Sure! Do we need them? Prooooobably not! Sometimes it is better to wonder than hear all the answers and revelations, because as JK Rowling has proven– all the answers and the revelations can certainly take away from the magic and the mystery.

Live and let live (in a fictional plane of existence as originally concluded at the end of the final book.)

The Rest Is Up To Fan Fiction,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I agree 1000%, I am so glad SC has not pulled a JKR so far! Her recent comments about Ron and Hermione turned out to be not quite as earth-shattering as portrayed in the media at first, certainly not as much as her outing of Dumbledore as gay certainly did way back when. But even her nuanced take on H/Hr being a possibility, and H/Hr being more compatible in some ways than R/Hr, is quite a turnaround from the infamous interview in which she dismissed “Harmony” shippers as “delusional”.

    This reveal seems to be just the latest, too, of the many tidbits of extra-canonical information JKR has provided post-series, such as who Luna eventually marries, and she’s gotten criticized before for going overboard in trying to exert excessive control over her creation.

    I’m also a little peeved at George RR Martin for information he revealed in the ASOIAF App, that most fans seem to grant canon status. Now, most of what’s in the App is just confirming theories that are strongly implied in canon, but there is one new reveal that I still find really unbelievable and contrived, and I still hope this was a case of the App writer over-simplifying something GRRM said that was more nuanced, much as the media did to JKR. (Won’t go into spoilers except to say it had to do with a little ship of mine.)

    Still, as someone who’s dabbled in fanfics myself, I understand how an author would feel a strong urge to correct fans when they engage in wildly inaccurate interpretations of his or her work. I applaud SC for having resisted this urge. Never mind the shipping, the question of “Did Katniss mean it when she voted YES to Coin’s Games” has been debated endlessly, and I’m sure most authors would have told us by now. I actually hope the movies preserve that ambiguity as well.

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