Crazy Kat

I learned a few things last week. One of them is that Producer Nina Jacobson is on Twitter. And she tweeted a couple things about Mockingjay! Rejoice, Mockingjay news deprived fans!

Well, one of the things she tweeted (in reply to a fan) was that there would be no Mockingjay reveals “for a little while.”

I’ll let you all interpret how many weeks “a little while” means.  I’m hoping it’s less than the fingers in a three finger salute, but I’m always greedy for news.  Let’s move on to the more fun detail she revealed… the Crazy Cat Scene!

Now, we know Nina Jacobson is a Buttercup fan. She and Suzanne Collins pushed for a recasting of the cat in Catching Fire to a more canon-compliant color, after all. So it’s very appropriate that she would choose to reveal this bit of filming.

What’s the relevance of the Crazy Cat Scene? Well, it takes place while District 13 is being attacked and everyone is hunkered down waiting things out.  Katniss tells us,

I created this by accident a few years ago, during a winter blackout. You simple wiggle a flashlight beam around on the floor, and Buttercup tries to catch it. I’m petty enough to enjoy it because I think it makes him look stupid. Inexplicably, everyone here thinks he’s clever and delightful.

Oh Katniss, your disdain for that cat will never stop amusing me. But other than some cute comic relief, why would this scene make it to the film? Because of the connection Katniss makes between this game and her situation with Snow and Peeta. She continues,

Crazy Cat becomes a metaphor for my situation. I am Buttercup. Peeta, the thing I want so badly to secure, is the light… [T]he one thing that sends Buttercup into a tailspin is when I leave the light on but put it hopelessly out of his reach, high on the wall, beyond even his jumping skills. He paces below the wall, wails, and can’t be comforted or distracted. He’s useless until I shut the light off. (That’s what Snow is trying to do to me now, only I don’t know what form his game takes.)

Maybe this realization on my part is all Snow needs. Thinking that Peeta was in his possession and being tortured for the rebel information was bad. But thinking that he’s being tortured specifically to incapacitate me is unendurable. And it’s under the weight of this revelation that I truly begin to break.

This is all Katniss’s internal monologue, so I’m curious as to how they will adapt it to the screen. My first thought is that it would be a discussion with Haymitch, or maybe Prim since we know she would be there for the game. I hope it’s Haymitch though, because it seems more in line with his mentor role. Or maybe it’s just a scene with Katniss and Buttercup alone, with Katniss muttering this to him. It would be a nice mirroring of her yelling at the cat upon her return to District 12 at the end of Mockingjay (if they decide to keep that in of course).

Such fun things to speculate about.

Here’s hoping Nina gives us a few more of these teases in the future!



  1. I wasn’t a big fan of the Crazy Cat scene in Mockingjay because of how straight-up Katniss explained the metaphor (same with her explanation of The Hanging Tree). It was really badly written. Still, I’m really excited to see how it plays out on film.

    I’m also glad the fandom is moving out of the “OMG the Catching Fire movie was amazing!”-phase and is speculating on what Mockingjay will be like!

    1. OMG, This is absolutely huge news for me as an avid Buttercup fan!! This is probably a set up for the famous Mockingjay scene at the end 🙂

      I find it amusing that Katniss hates the cat so much when basically he is essentially a reflection of Katniss.

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