Locks of Mockingjay Love

Something really exciting happened at the Screen Actors Guild last night!

No, it wasn’t Jennifer Lawrence coining the term “Armpit Vagina” (aka that cease under your armpit that forms when you wear a tube top that’s too tight). Last night, it was all about the hair. Ooooooh yeah!

Seriously, who decided that was passable?!

Seriously, who decided that was passable?!

The Hunger Games’ hair and makeup may have seen their last legitimate chance at an Academy Award pass when Catching Fire wasn’t nominated, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few gems for them to focus on in Mockingjay. Besides the few unintentionally hilarious fans who have suggested that Mockingjay can’t be filmed because Jennifer Lawrence cut her hair (*gigglesnort*), we all know they’ll be working on the Katniss wig situation throughout filming. We have faith in these guys to avoid a disaster like the third Twilight movie, where Kristen Stewart’s wig was practically connected to her eyebrows at certain points in the film.

But that not even the hair and makeup we’re talking about! The prep team and Plutarch Heavensbee’s band of Capitol defectors will still be sticking to their Capitol style roots while down in District 13. We know this for a FACT, because Natalie Dormer, our Cressida, rocked this on the red carpet:


The half shaved head is a trend we usually avoid like the plague (it’s like you started to shave then chickened out), but we’ll make an exception because OMG IT’S FOR MOCKINGJAY!

Dormer gets all the posts for being clearly dedicated to the outrageous side of this role. We bet there’s more than the shaving on set, too! Perhaps some funky colors like Effie? Or an outlandish hairdo on that one side? OR BOTH?

The hair and makeup will only have a few people to have consistent, crazy hair and makeup so they best have a ton of fun with it! Here’s a few ideas for those characters:

The “Lisa Frank Factory Explosion” Approach

The “Animal Prints are My Bitch” Style

The “Effie’s Not Here So Somebody Has to Rock Marie Antoinette’s Look”

Now rock that shit as if we didn’t first notice this hairstyle trend on the likes of Willow Smith, Natalie!

Mockingjay Be Trendy LIKE WHOA,
The Girl With The Pearl


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