Awards and Money

Booya y’all! I mean, didn’t you hear, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has officially, and I mean officially made an ass ton of money, and yes m’dears… we are in part to, well, um blame for that? Perhaps blame is the wrong word to use, but I’m gonna use it, ’cause I think it makes this post sound punchy! It’s true though, even I can attest to having seen Catching Fire in a theatre more than once, and two of those times I paid with cold hard cash money, or my debit card, whatever, and the other time I paid in tears, ALL THE TEARS, I’m talking about going to the LA premiere people! Anyway, it was made official this week that The Hunger Games: Catching Fire not only made an ass ton of money, but it is to date the highest grossing film of the fiscal year.

So, what do we do with that knowledge? Do we throw a party, buy a cheap bottle of Champagne, which is actually Brut, because real Champagne only comes from Champagne, France– or perhaps it’s actually Prosecco, which gets you tipsy just as quicker anyway! Oh, yeah what are we doing again? Ah yes, throwing a The 85th Academy Awards® will air live on Oscar® Sunday, February 24, for Catching Fire doing exactly what a whole bunch of us said it would do more than a year ago, and that is make tons and tons, and tons of money! I feel like I should be tossing hundred-dollar bills in the air, doing my best Jordan Belfort as interpreted by Leo DiCaprio and Marty Scorsese, and possibly objectifying some women, and doing so much blow that I crash a helicopter and don’t even care! Alas, I cannot do that, because I really don’t want to, and all I’d rather do is have Catching Fire do more than make money, and what is is that I wish it would do? Well, win awards, yo!

What kind of awards though? Well, as covered by The Girl With The Pearl The Magical Internet Pony awards are likely in the bag for the franchise. We do have a rather large fandom, and I’ll bet money that any number of them would gladly sit around clicking “vote! vote! vote” for probably all of those pony giving out awards shows. However, because I’m sadly living in the dark ages, and I am secretly an old white man, I wish Catching Fire would get nominated for, and win awards at such serious non-pony related awards shows like, the big one, the Academy Awards. But I think we all know that that’s not going to happen, at least not in the categories that your average citizen cares all that much about. Me, I’ll be hell-a proud if the sound editors, and the sound mixers, the visual affects team, Trish Summerville and Ve Neill and co get nominated, perhaps Coldplay will get recognized for Atlas, or maybe just maybe Jo Willems will be nominated for his work as the director of photography. All of the above would make me happy, but will it happen? I unfortunately doubt it.

Oscar nominations will be announced Thursday the 16th, so stay frosty! Crossing fingers, toes, and eyes for the technical awards! And who the hell knows, maybe Mockingjay Part One and Two will be like The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King? Saving the best for last so to speak, and finally getting the recognition for the series that it wholly deserves.

Them There Eyes



  1. Ugh, Costumes, Hair & Make-up and Original Song… Those are the categories where CF should definitely get nominations. Although I was also recently reminded that the method via the Music Branch chooses their candidates is really working against Atlas’ chances – they rate both the songs themselves and the role they play in the movie, which is a very reasonable way of doing this given that it’s an award ceremony that celebrates movies, but it obviously doesn’t help songs that are only in the end credits. I’m very happy knowing at least that CF is on the Hair & Make-up shortlist, and the movie should definitely get in for costumes as well, but I’m worried about the Academy’s fascination with period movies and that it could shut us out completely.

    And also, here’s the thing about Lord of the RIngs: it’s a series that got recognition, nominations and awards for all its movies, so sometimes I feel like it’s not fair to compare it to THG and expect the same result. LotR was also actually a classic, old book series’ adaptation, which at least partially explains why Academy members were more receptive to it than to fantasy and sci-fi stories in general. (It was also extremely well-made of course.) The general Academy member is a 63-year-old self-important white man who already forgot that there was a time when Star Wars was allowed to be in contention for Best Picture (even though there was enough bias against the genre even then for it not to win). We’d have a hard time convincing these ‘gentlemen’ that a young adult sci-fi movie something they should pay attention for.

    But the technical categories… Sigh, I guess we’ll have to be pray that we get in for those at least in a Harry Potterl-like fashion. I will probably lose my shit if Trish Summerville doesn’t get a nomination.

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