Catching Fire’s Awards Season Conundrum

Tis the season for awards! Now the question is this… Which type of award would mean the most for The Hunger Games franchise and its actors?

There are two basic types of award shows:
1) The “We’re Too Prestigious for Whatever These Peasants Find ‘Popular'” kind like The Academy Awards and The Golden Globes
2) The Magical Internet Pony voting-based kind like The People’s Choice Awards and the MTV Movie Awards

Award Show Option #1...

Award Show Option #1…

Both definitely have their faults. For instance, The Academy Awards are sometimes considered Hollywood politics that aren’t really based on the actor’s/director’s worthiness in one particular film. The MTV Movie Awards is based on whose crazed fans are more inclined the vote over and over again and not necessarily on the quality of the work. But in both cases, doesn’t just being nominated mean you’re doing SOMETHING right?!

Catching Fire has already snagged Golden Globe nominations for music, Coldplay’s “Atlas”, and Jennifer Lawrence is up for Best Supporting Actress for American Hustle. Both noms are expected to carry over to The Oscars, with additional Catching Fire nominations for Hair, Makeup, and Costumes. Of course, the movie and its team are expected to be nominated for a whole slew of voter based awards and just picked up a People’s Choice Award last night.

.. VS Option #2

.. VS Option #2

But what makes the Golden Globes and Academy Awards prestigious? Because critics and people in the movie industry so? And what about those Magical Internet Pony awards? Are they important because the fangirls pump up the adrenaline to support movie that are typically already successful? CAN WE GET A HAPPY MEDIUM?

We’re competitive. When Catching Fire or the actors get nominated, we want to WIN ALL THE THINGS! And we do tend to put more stock in the snooty award shows, maybe because they’re not also rewarding Britney Spears and that Beauty and the Beast sci-fi show. But even so, we’re trying to understand the appeal of both.

As long as Team Hunger Games beats out all those other bitches. Yup!

“It’s An Honor Just To Be Nominated”… LIES!

The Girl With The Pearl



  1. In that news, Trish Summervile has started campaigning for the Oscars with the recent Hollywood Reporter article. I think it will come down between Catching Fire, American Hustle, and the Great Gatsby.

  2. Actually, The Golden Globes isn’t totally a “We’re Too Prestigious for Whatever These Peasants Find ‘Popular’” type. At least not anymore. They’re kind of a weird mix of both, at least in terms of the nominations. That could mostly be because of their sometimes odd category segmentation, but they do include/reward a bit more “popular” television shows and movies than the Oscars/Emmys. But anyway, I mostly just want Trish to win all the stuff, because, SERIOUSLY.
    And that’s not all why some people put more stock in the glossier awards shows. It’s mainly because of the decades-long established record of works they include, the rewarding system, and emphasis on quality/who did THE best whatever that year (usually). (Ok, maybe that is what you said, just less specific.) The other award shows, usually those aired on MTV or having “Choice” in the title, are meant to reward actual fan hype and support, and are for fun. And that’s the point.
    In unrelated: I watch Beauty & the Beast 2012, but I forgot how serious the fan base is. Until I remembered they also won Favorite New TV Drama last year.
    P.S.: The SAGs are on this weekend, and I’m super-pissed because I don’t currently have cable (or anyone’s house to watch it at) and the SAGs are my FAVORITE. 😦

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