Suzanne Collins Please Be a Genius Again

Mockingjay was published August 10th, 2010, that’s almost four years this coming August. Unfortunately since that August in 2010, Suzanne Collins the authoress of The Hunger Games Trilogy has not published anything of any great note. True, she wrote the copy for the picture book Year of the Jungle, based upon— erm I’m just going to admit now, I haven’t read it. What can I say, I only re-read picture books

The Queen of The Fandom

The Queen of The Fandom

that were part of my childhood, and true to form I have a stack of Angelina Ballerina books, and a bunch of Babar books in French no less, as staples in my collection. And no, French is not something I regularly read. All of this is beside the point, which is this– Suzanne Collins, really, really, really, really needs to publish something new of substantial length, and of social note… like right now. It doesn’t even have to top The Hunger Games, because I think we all know rationally that that’s something that’s almost impossible to do, so hopefully Ms. Collins knows that her best bet is to go a totally different direction where it comes to narrative style, subject matter, protagonists, and might I also add um, well, targeted demographics? Yep, I think Ms. Collins should take the leap and write straight up fiction, not Young Adult, not children’s lit, like Year of the Jungle, but fiction with no specific demographic, because believe it or not– if you’re 12 years old you can go to the fiction section of the public library and read those books too. You may not be able to check all of them out, but you sure as hell can read them! How do I know this? Um, I did it, and I’m okay–  swear to god.

Knowing Ms. Collins proclivity for creating odd worlds, I’d be open to her reaching into the amazing stores of her brain, and inventing a new world for readers to traipse about, and possibly cry over once the novel, or novel series finishes out. I never read The Underland Chronicles, I’ve also never really had a desire too, but like I said above– she’s gotta go another direction! No looking back! No talking animals, no impossible teenage girls to guide the reader, just new, all new all the time! Hell, write a novel from the point of view of a 40 something year old woman, who’s a successful novelist, who’s trying to traverse a new life that she never saw happening, but it did– and now fame is just un-normal normalcy, where people ask for your autograph at the supermarket, or the pharmacy when you’re buying laxatives, or lube, or both! Write the saying, “write what you know.” That’s what Suzanne Collins knows, and you better believe that her story is amazing in and of its self.

New novel penned by Suzanne Collins coming… whenever it happens! Next week?

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  1. I read ‘Year of the Jungle’ with my young daughter a few months ago. Her response was, “Mom, this was SO good!” And it was. Out of all her books, this was Suzanne Collins’ biographical one: telling the story of when she was a young child and her father went to Vietnam for one year. It is completely age appropriate for younger children but still addresses a theme that Collins revisits in all of her books – the emotional cost of war.

    Not every Suzanne Collins fan is going to want to read her books for the youngers, but you should know that Collins goal was to write a book about war for every age group. She started with Gregor the Overlander series, which has all the same themes that are familiar in THG but written for middle schoolers. Then she wrote ‘The Hunger Games’ series, which, of course, might have been targeted for YA but has captured the heart of adult readers as well. And then Collins finished her life goal by writing for young children with ‘Year of the Jungle’.

    So to bring this back to your post, I completely agree… we are ready for Collins to blow us away with something new. I’m sure the pressure must be up a few notches, so that might be a factor in the length of time since she’s written, but I read somewhere that she is tossing around ideas for a new series. Can’t come fast enough!

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