The Catching Fire DVD Special Feature Wish List

Mark your calendars, people! MARCH 4, 2014! ..Kind of. Probably. Maybe March 7th.

Catching Fire hasn’t even finished its run in theaters and already, we’ve already got DVD release date rumors stating up. March 4th or March 7th. Please note that this has NOT been confirmed by Lionsgate, so we may be liars… but Amazon and Target already have it available for pre-order, sooooo we’re feeling lucky.

As we all experienced with The Hunger Games, there will be a multitude of editions to explore and agonize over as you try to pick the perfect one for you. Which features do you love best? And which of those little collectors trinkets that sometimes come with a DVD?! It’s a hard decision!

All special features are great, there are some features we CRAVE (that inevitably won’t be on the same DVD, of course). You know, the ones that we’re really hoping for because they get you all pumped up for the DVD to begin with!



Movie Making Documentary – The is kinda mandatory on blockbuster DVDs these days. Pretty sure they’re be fans at Lionsgate with pitchforks if it was NOT included. Why? Because seeing how everything comes together is the bomb diggity! This will be especially true with so many new elements this time around– Francis Lawrence, new actors, and loads of new behind-the-scenes geniuses. We want to see!

Commentary, Commentary, Commentary – Call it cheesy if you want, but we will FOREVER stick by commentary! We love it from the actors, directors, producers– any will do! We love people talking candidly about the experience of making the movie as they watch. There’s something real about it you just don’t get in prerecorded, diced up interviews.

Deleted Scenes – Thankfully, Francis Lawrence is owning up to deleted scenes (unlike someone else! *cough*) From his interviews, it looks like there’s several of them, from book scenes that didn’t translate well to patches of character development that lost to the time crunch. WE WANT TO GO TO THERE.

Actor Cam – Another point for the “real” factor. It’s fun to have actors narrate their own story. The tribute cam on the first DVD was a bit long and tedious, but the actors enthusiasm was contagious and fun. With a combination of serene and zany adult actors this time around, it would be unpredictable goodness!

Trivia With The Stars – It’s always fun to see how much celebrities really know about the series, about each other, or about pop culture. Trivia night is feel-good amazing no matter what the circumstances. It’s the simple pleasures in life.

We doubt all of these features will exist on the Catching Fire DVD, but damn, we hope those one or two bits afforded to each addition turn out well! Because we need more than the inevitable feature on the Capitol Couture clothing line that will leave us conflicted because Trish Summerville is spectacular but Capitol Couture is.. *facepalm*

Until The Official DVD Special Feature Announcement,
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. “Capitol Couture is…” a great meta-melding of the real world and the book/movie world of Panem, as well as a tangible extension of the Hunger Games universe, that’s what it is.

    I just decided today that I’m gonna get the Target edition. The special features look abundant and fun, and includes a commentary, which is like my dvd special feature crack, LUV them. Plus, the cover art is my favorite of all the Catching Fire promo art.

    1. It’s not that the fashion of Capitol Couture isn’t cool. I just think it’s in blatant disregard of the books’ messages and not a respecte way to promote a story worthy of attention. Even Them There Eyes disagrees with me, so to each their own haha

  2. As a splendid example of satire, Capitol Couture has sort of grown on me.

    As for the wish list, I’m with VictorsVillage. My personal wish is that the special features be closed captioned. This is generally not the industry standard, but I was pleasantly surprised when I saw CF in the theater with closed captioning that Lionsgate is pioneering captioning for theatrical trailers. Way to go, Lionsgate! Finally, those of us with less than perfect hearing can enjoy the trailers in addition to the movie.

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