And the Stadium Did What?

So, yeah I don’t know if any of you are sports fans out there? I assume that some of you are, personally– I’m not, but when I started seeing the reports that a very special, very Hunger Games related thing happened at a sporting event Josh Hutcherson attended, well– my ears perked up a little, tiny, bit. We all know the three fingered salute that Katniss displayed in the 74th Hunger Games after she dressed Rue’s body in flowers to honor her? Yeah well, Josh was graced with the same salute recently at a Kentucky Wildcats basketball game, and by graced, I mean the entire stadium stood up and proceeded to salute him, three fingers in the air on their right hands like in the



film (it’s the left in the novels, no idea why they changed it), and well, how awesome is that?! Me, I think it’s pretty damn awesome, and I’m not that sentimental a person when things are really broken down, however puppies and kittens do kind of niggle at my cold, dead soul. Anyway, art imitating life is what’s happened here, and it’s well, sweet– and I mean that with all the apple pie, candy corn, sugar-plum fairy sweetness-ness that I ever could. Yay, fairy dust! Or is it pixie dust? Whatever!

Art imitating life isn’t always a good thing though. For instance we certainly don’t want a repeat of people trying to plan their own Hunger Games like they did way back when through a ill-conceived of Craigslist ad. Or, we also don’t want people starving to death in one area of the world, and people purposefully throwing up their food in another, in order to stuff more food down their gullet. Wait a second! THAT IS HAPPENING. Anyway, I’ll tell ya’ what I’d much rather people took away from The Hunger Games trilogy and/or franchise– compassion, bravery, and the ability to stand up for what’s right in the world, and not glorify what’s wrong.

Here’s hoping, and while we’re at it, let’s hope that the next time Jennifer Lawrence wins something and accepts and award– that the audience Three Finger Salutes her as well

Them There Eyes



  1. 1) I think you mean “life imitating art”.
    2) “people purposefully throwing up their food in another, in order to stuff more food down their gullet.” 0_o Um… Where exactly is this happening? And please don’t say with bulimics, because that’s not what that is.

    1. 1) Alas, typos happen. No big. 2) It’s not bulimia or necessarily an eating disorder but I have seen plenty of people party, get woozy, get sick (sometimes on purpose and sometimes not) then continuing to party once they feel better after purging. The college term is “rallying” 0_0

  2. Love this! Re the left-right thing — I’m a leftie and I can’t do the three finger salute with my right hand, so maybe the righties have similar trouble. Either way, wonderful shared moment!

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