The Popularity of Jennifer Lawrence

Sounds like a YA book title, no? Well, it does to me! It’s true though, Jennifer Lawrence is a hell-a popular, and for good reason. All you have to do is Google this simple phrase “Jennifer Lawrence most…” and you know what comes up? Well I’ll tell you. 1. Most recent interview. 2. Most influential. 3. Most beautiful. and 4. Most loved. Google doesn’t lie in these instances, at least not in my opinion, because it’s true– she is influential, she is beautiful, and yes– she is loved. The Girl With The Pearl’s last article can attest to three of four things on that list, because think about it– what are some of the most common and true marks of popularity, but influence, beauty, and lovability other than being bashed by someone as ridiculous, hot-headed, and, oh yeah did I say ridiculous, as Joan Rivers. I know, I know– Rivers is the farthest from respectable, and it’s true the mark of influence and the rest is being picked apart like rib roast by a hungry Saint Bernard. However that’s not my saying that I approve of Rivers’ lambasting, to me

This might be why we like her... maaaaybe.

This might be why we like her… maaaaybe.

it’s just the cries of a person who doesn’t like having her poor choices pointed out to her. And to that I say, “too damn bad, lady!”

Jennifer Lawrence keeps getting talked about, that’s what I’m getting at here, and despite the occasional, and generally totally obvious jealous sniggering from a dying breed of people, i.e. people like Rivers, most, or everyone has something nice to say about Jen. Seriously, it’s not everyday that a single actress and her projects make it onto survey category lists and makes it out on top of said categories like, well– Sexiest Movie Actress, Most Anticipated Film of 2014 (Mockingjay Part 1), and then on top of that she’s making critics lists for most likely to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress at all the major awards shows this season. Come to think of it, she’s nominated in that category at the Golden Globes, which is happening next Sunday in Los Angeles. Sorry, but didn’t she just win an Oscar last year? Isn’t she in one of the top five grossing films of all time right now? Isn’t she only 23 years of age? Isn’t this totally insane, and how is she not a crazy bitch that everyone hates?! Oh yeah, because she’s influential, she’s beautiful, and she’s loved, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

Wonder what she’s gonna wear this Sunday? Huh, like that matters, she’d rock a potato sack, and you know it.

Them There Eyes



  1. Sometimes it feels like I’m actually waiting for that almost inevitable troll-worthy, internet-based backlash. You know the one, when a celebrity gets consistently exposed to so many people that there’s bound to be a number of them that just get tired of hearing about said celebrity, regardless of actual public image or quality of work? I’m actually a little surprised (just a little) this happened with Jennifer yet, but maybe she’ll be one of the few to keep her “America’s Sweetheart” crown until she can pass it on to some other worthy, talented female down the road, instead of having an exasperated public angrily take it from her.

    1. Oh, they’re trying. I’m probably too deep into the ‘Jennifer Lawrence fandom’ or whatever you call it to notice things like this, but there is some backlash brewing. There were all kinds of articles lately, on places like Vulture or Huffingtonpost, stating things hilarious stuff like ‘she’s Katnissing the world’ and, get this, that she’s actually body-shaming by speaking up on body positivity. The thing is though, these backlashes just don’t seem to catch on outside of a minority crowd. Jennifer is just too damn likable for her own good. 🙂

      1. My best friend just posted that body shaming one and I was furious. It basically says she’s too thin to address the media calling her fat and is shaming people with weight issues by addressing how comfortable she is with her body. WTF?! That makes ZERO sense.

        1. Doesn’t make much sense, but I do see how it would COME OFF that way, especially since she herself has a really nice body. I don’t agree, but I could see how some people could be like, “Well, easy for HER to say…” Plus, you talk about weight and body issues enough, people are gonna start talking about YOU talking about weight, and now WE’RE talking about people talking about… and it’s a just a vicious media cycle. 0_o Anyway…

  2. I don’t know if she is going to wear a potato sack, but she might have some pillowsack hospital gownish looking outfits in Mockingjay.

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