Killing Jennifer Lawrence

How about that title, huh? Yeah, so the big news in the fandom, or according to my Google Alerts, is

Totally awesome fanmade poster!

Totally awesome fan made poster!

that Jennifer Lawrence, and I’m guessing probably Mahershala Ali, and Liam Hemsworth, possibly Lily Rabe as well– were involved, that is if they were in fact filming District 2 scenes, if not, welp, then I’m wrong and I will go drown my sorrows in cookies— any who, the smoke machine being used in a tunnel scene malfunctioned and choked out the actors, and probably a few of the crew as well. Heavy day on set I’d say, wouldn’t you? But no worries! Jen’s alive and well, and I’m also guessing back in Kentucky getting her post-Christmas binge on with her brothers goading her on, and her parents affectionately rolling their eyes at their children’s antics. That, or she’s stuck in a rented house in the greater Atlanta metro area, yep– still partaking in a post-Christmas binge with a choice number of family members, and friends goading her on.

I dunno, I just somehow doubt the woman took the experience to heart. Like, if she’s having nightmares, I hope they’re more Lost Smoke Monster, than billowing, choking smoke, encroaching upon her, making her eyes water, and her heart pound in her chest, a cold sweat prickling, and sliding down her back. However, if she is having the latter I hope she’s talking it out, and getting the help she needs. She’s a tough cookie, albeit eccentric, but tough, and resilient. If you want to compare though, worse, or worse if you’re thinking broadly, things have happened on film sets, or film shoots for that matter. For example: Martin Sheen nearly died whilst filming Apocalypse Now in 1978, yep he had a heart attack, and shockingly he was only 38 years old at the time. Also, the set on the same film was washed away by a Typhoon at one point, disastrous. Peter O’Toole nearly died on the set of Lawrence of Arabia— fell from a camel, which is a phrase you don’t hear everyday. Malcolm McDowell, or as you youngins know him as– the white-haired white dude in those hilarious commercials where he and James Earl Jones (gray-haired black dude, sounds like Darth Vader), reenact supposed real text or Facebook comment conversations

This is how you go temporarily blind

This is how you go temporarily blind

between young people– yeah, he went temporarily blind after filming a super, intense, torture scene in the pivotal, and classic film A Clockwork Orange. And if you want to get even more bloody, Sylvester Stallone had to be air lifted to a hospital after filming a boxing scene in Rocky IV, hot damn. Bruce (Bad Ass) Willis lost two thirds of his hearing after filming a scene in Die Hard, which is what happens when loud bangs go off very close to your ears, ouchie. Mister Brad Pitt required surgery after doing a scene in Seven, where his arm went through a car’s windshield, which was not in the script– they wrote it in afterwards. And finally a lady! Nicole Kidman broke and/ or fractured two ribs and seriously injured her knee whilst filming the spectacular film Moulin Rouge! Almost all her scenes after had to be filmed with her seated in a chair following the injuries, you get fictional doughnuts sent to you if you can point out all those scenes to me and the world at large. George (Fucking) Clooney broke his spine whilst filming little seen, but totally worth seeing, Syriana, seriously see it. Oh, and another lady! Halle Barry has suffered multiple injuries on multiple sets, several of which required schedules to be greatly altered so she could heal– let’s just rename her Halle (Accident Prone) Berry, okay? But most notably, and most tragically– Brandon Lee died of a gunshot wound on the set of the film The Crow in 1994.


Them There Eyes



  1. Let’s also not forget all the accidents that happened to our very own cast members during filming the previous Hunger Games movies: Sam Claflin broke his finger and then dropped Lynn Cohen into the ice-cold water (which was a really bad idea considering her sensitivity to it). Jennifer was also flown into a hospital during training for the first movie after she ran into a wall and it was suspected that she might injured her spleen – but she actually punctured her eardrum later during Catching Fire and went deaf in one ear for weeks. And I guess we all remember the story of how she gave Josh Hutcherson a concussion. So yep, these kind of accidents happen on action movie sets, no matter how careful you plan things out, and hopefully this whole incident wasn’t as bad as these reports would make us to believe.

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