Chocolate, So Much Chocolate!

I gotta tell ya’, I don’t get gifts often– sure you’d think as a Chanukah celebrator I would I get tons, and tons, and tons, but I don’t, because presents are not traditionally given during that holiday, FYI. Yep, it’s a Western social construct that 845_2811_largeonly came about within the last 100 years or so. So, no gifts por moi, because I’m a Grinch, or something. Soooo, when a giant package was unceremoniously left on my doorstep, and then later picked up by my roommate, and then left on my bed– I was not expecting it to say the least. What package am I speaking of though? Ah yes, a giant collection of the chocolates that Lionsgate and Wild Ophelia put out in promotion for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and a Hallmark Catching Fire era Mockingjay pin ornament. Lemme just say I’m digging the chocolate, because everybody likes chocolate, right? Okay, you may not if you’re A. Allergic to it. Or B. Developed Chocolate Fever after ingesting copious amounts of chocolate during some such holiday, likely the one involving rabbits, and eggs, and chicks, and yeah you get the idea. But true to form, hypothetical you, or perhaps someone else ate so much chocolate that anything but chocolate started to taste vastly unappealing, or dare I say disgusting, and ever since you’ve stayed away from the stuff– because it ruined a week of your life when you were eight years-old. True story, I knew a person who had this happen to them, don’t worry, they switched to Cheetos I think, or maybe they died– who knows!? Do they even still make Cheetos?

Who sent the gifts though? Aha! I know you would think that we get tons of perks here at Victor’s Village, but– to be quite honest, we don’t. I mean sure we were honored with the privilege of attending The Hunger Games world premiere in 2012,

Our own  Girl With The Pearl snapped this one! Wooo!

Our own Girl With The Pearl snapped this one! Wooo!

and the US premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire this past November, but we don’t like… get flown in on private jets, get put up in fancy hotels, and get fruit baskets and spa treatments up the yin yang, ass, butt, whatever. Nope, that is not the case at all. So, when free stuff does show up at our collective homes, and yes, they are sent from Lionsgate Studios, we are very very happy, and also very grateful.

So far I’ve tasted only one flavor from the batch, dark chocolate and cherries representing District 11, AKA the agriculture District, home of Rue and Thresh– and sad, sad crying children. It’s quite nice, it’s pretty close to one of my favorite flavor combinations of dark chocolate and raspberries, so it’s sort of tart and also smooth and decadent with the dark chocolate off setting the sour. I like it, I wish there were two bars of it in the box, but alas there is not. Next I may just have to wing it and randomly pick one, possibly whilst blindfolded, because my taste buds are biased– and I don’t know if I could knowingly pick out chocolate that’s flavored with beef, otherwise known as District 10.

Sometimes all it takes is a box of chocolate to say thank you. It also helps when the chocolate is Panem themed. So, Thank you Lionsgate!

Them There Eyes

P.S I may hang the ornament in my car, ’cause I don’t have a Christmas tree.



  1. Or you could hang the ornament in your Succah. Last time I was in Israel during Succot I visited a Succah entirely decorated with Christmas ornaments — including tinsel and multicolored lights. Being native-born Israeli they hadn’t a clue about Christmas trees and I didn’t enlighten them since I thought their Succah was adorable!

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